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you better believe refren

  • You Better Believe It - Small Faces
    "If somebody asks me if I love that girl You better believe it (You better believe it) If somebody says she's a whole lot worth You better believe it (You better believe it) Since I saw that girl I can't"
  • You better believe it - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "You'd think that nothing could eraseLike rubber bullets well your rightI've got a lead one in my handIt won't erase a word I writeYou are the keeper of the flameYou are the flame the keeper keepsYou are"
  • You Better Believe It! - Xzibit
    "(feat. King T) (xzibit) Yeah, yeah! Yeah, we keep it bouncin like this Yeah, huh, we keep it movin like Listen, listen, look.. The most wanted man in america, I +soul assassinate+ your character Quickly"
  • You Better Believe It Baby - Chubby Checker
    "Fats Waller Version of Lyrics: Who's that walkin' round here, Mercy Sounds like baby patter, baby elephant patter thats what I calls it Say up in Harlem at a table for two There were four of us, me, your"
  • It's Better To Believe - Clifford T. Ward
    "I've got a very simple philosophy It seldom stands me in good stead But even though there are some who agree It is the right way let is spread: It's better to believe and be wrong Than to suspect and"
  • Better - Ally Heman
    "Don't let him touch you Don't let him anywhere Near your pretty little self He'll only mess up Everything you've worked for He won't be no help He'll say he does But he don't understand Don't you let him"
  • Better - Chicago
    "You can count on a number of things Like tomorrow the sun's gonna shine There'll be flowers in spring time Poets will make rhymes Couples in moonlight are so ripe to fall Fallin' in love, such a natural"
  • Better - Boyzone
    "Our love has changed It's not the same And the only way to say it is say's better I can't conceal This way I feel For all the times we spend together Forever just gets better Seem what I'm try"
  • Better - OneRepublic
    "I don't set alarms Lately I don't set alarms But that's because of the ringing that's happening inside my head Inside my head It keeps me safe from harm At least I tell myself I'm safe from harm But really"
  • Better - Wishing Chair
    "Friends tell me I'm crazy That I've lost my mind I keep giving you my sympathy My comfort and my time I've been waiting here two hours You think that I don't mind But I think that we know better Maybe"
  • Believe - Barren Cross
    "Listen son to what I have done I have recieved, I have believed See me now, see what I found I want to shout, come and believe Believe Believe Believe Believe Give it a chance, freedom at last Yours"
  • Better - Sugababes
    "World, where I am drowning I sink so slow The under tow Dragging me down just like all my fears Trying so hard not to disappear There's nothing clear Want something to believe in Nearly crushed"
  • Believe - Monique Whalen
    "Is it better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all Is it better to have your heart ripped out For a moment of fleeting pleasure Is it better to stand on the ouside always looking in Is"
  • Believe - Chalee Tennison
    "I think, I think I got it under control Then a curve ball hits the glass And the world comes crashin' down We stand, staring at a fork in the road Lookin' down two long lonely paths Why can't we just"
  • Believe - Ian Van Dahl
    "You don't have to worryI'll never leave your sideI know you're feeling downYou've lost your faith in lifeAnd when the rain falls down then I'll be there for youYou better start to fight and make your dreams"
  • Believe - Control Denied
    "Do you believe what some might say can't be could be reality Let seven be the one for me; six chapters of life laced with mystery... Awaiting discovery Immune you become a war to be won the soul of a"
  • Better & Better - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "A Flock Of Seagulls Dream Come True Better & Better It's getting harder to believe the news To believe in what the papers may say Well, baby, i've got news for you Because the earth gets better each day That"
  • Better better - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "Its getting harder to believe the news To believe in what the papers may say Well, baby, Ive got news for you Because the earth gets better each day That I love you, that I love you That I love you,"
  • Believe - Josh Kelley
    "Its a feeling thats coming over me The thoughts that I cannot believe Things that you can only see if you believe Places have all turned to grey And your favorite toy doesnt play And the past fades to"
  • Believe - Riddlin Kids
    "Look at this world we live in, nobody cares for anything we're doing. I hear the end is near. You're running out of time, so you better get moving. What they said to me is it a dream? Because no one"

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