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you break down

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you break down

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you break down
  • Ashlee Simpson Break Down
    "Break Down (Introduction) Yeah Verse1: The lights is off and theres no cameras Also theres little light everytime I walk pass Then Wild Boys pop up from no where and they started carry me around and"
  • Sweetbox Break Down
    "Maybe I'm startin' to cry But I don't know Cause the feeling's so strong And I just don't know what's wrong Oh tell me Have you been willing to try to ease the load It's geting heavy to hold Sometimes"
    "Ref: Even if the sky was crashing down And no light of day was to be found I will never break down x2 You can say whatever I'll fight my way I never gonna be in your masquerade I will never break"
  • Youth Brigade Break Down
    "i don't understand the f**ked up shit we do and i won't pretend that it's ok and look the other way i'll never know i'll never know what it means to be you so many talkin shit will we ever get a clue i"
  • Fanmail Break Down
    "what's your excuse now? on bought time it's all mine you know you get what you pay for vulgar scenes shattered dreams you know the consequence is killing you youre heading for break you're"
  • Girugamesh Break Down
    "romaji:I think/otonatachiwa iu/tadashiku ikiro kazuaru kotaeno nakade/tadasu monoga sou/okashiterunoni ittai nanioshinjireba?Don't you know why 'Why I'm Me!!' torimaku (evil)douchuuwa aranami/jibun rashiku"
  • Godhead Break You Down
    "I've got a gun in my hand and I feel like a man I'm the pope of my generation I've gotta push myself over your goddamn walls I don't listen to your condemnation Can't you see the pain that you bring Is"
  • A Shrine Break
    "A Shrine Li And Friends Break Feels like this, when I'm lying Lego man, without eyes Record shop, street watch Cheer him up anymore I don't lie, my life Feel depressed when I'm laughing And my friend,"
  • Godhead Break
    "I'm trapped inside The world you sell A product in your Plastic, perfect Hell Compressed beside your head Just wishing I was dead Break my mind Break my will Break my soul I crumble as I Watch you take"
  • Frankie J Break
    "Never feel alone Never feel theres no one there who cares for you When every door seems closed mine is opened wide for you I'll give you strength, restore your faith I'm the one who will be around when"
  • Dizzy Mizz Lizzy Break
    "Break (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) (Track 7 on "Rotator") I've been diggin' diggin' down down For a reason not to go But it's a tricky tricky time time So I guess I can't say no And you can tell me how much I"
  • Enchant Break
    "Some say it's better off this way, now it's over You say the future's looking grey, if it's over: Yeah, there's sorrow as we break -- but it's over Yeah, we've had all we could take -- so it's over Stow"
  • Face Down Break
    "So long I wish you well Where I am going you cannot follow I can feel them trying to change who I am I can feel I can feel I can feel them trying to break my will I will not come back But I still mourn The"
  • Tenth Avenue North Break Me Down
    "I feel You falling Like the rain against my skin I hear You calling Your voice like thunder in my head But now I am stalling 'Cause I'm afraid to let You in Come break me down with Your mercy Come break"
  • Kouda Kumi Break It Down
    "saigo no piisu mitsukaranai pazuru no you na koi no wana onna no kan wo niburaseteku futatsu no aijou ga kuruwaseru sotto damatte boku no me wo mitsumeteru no wa dare? baby kokoro no naka made misukasu"
  • Burning Heads Break Me Down
    "Be yourself for an hour Tell me what is wrong It's allright I don't mind If you're not at home You've been lying Now you've flown away You've been lying It's a sunny day You can go wherever you want to"
  • Koda Kumi Break it down
    "saigo no PI-SU mitsukaranai PAZURU no you na koi no wana onna no kan wo niburaseteku futatsu no aijou ga kuruwaseru sotto damatte boku no me wo mitsumeteru no wa dare? Baby kokoro no naka made misukasu"
  • Guardian Break Me Down
    "Bought me a bargain basement laboratory With a rack and a humpback elf Then I sewed together all the glory I'd collected To immortalize my good self Thought I'd build me a better Frankenstein But the"
  • LeAnn Rimes Break me down
    "Give me a moment hereJust enough to catch my breathsomething is happing hereand it's scaring me to deathyou push me to the edge where I want to risk it all againfor the first time in a long time I'm throwing"
  • Alter Bridge Break Me Down
    "It's too late The time has come I kept this inside me For way too long Silence will leave me cold Lost on a highway That never takes me home I wanna step aside I wanna give it up Before I lose it all It's"

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