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you can make change don't change for that

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you can make change don't change for that

  • Change - Sarah Connor
    "I just wanna give you something you can talk about Although it's kind of controversial, betcha think about You're looking fine, it's kind of strange Sometimes you really dream of a change All the talk"
  • Change - Skip Marley
    "Change, ayy As people fight, blindly they strike System failing so they not taking no time Well a one bright day, money just can't buy All in a premeditated paradise Let love abide and always be our guide It"
  • Change - Audrey De Montigny
    "A wind of change has come my way I can't hold on to yesterday I guess it doesn't mean a thing But time, it changes everything I feel you're miles and miles away And I can't waste another day Cause nothing"
  • Change - Das EFX
    "Intro/Chorus: (*sample of Queen's "Sail Away Sweet Sister"*) Hey little babe, you're changin Babe are you feelin sore? Ain't no use in dancin Don't wanna play no more *repeat x3* Verse 1: Drayz Well yo,"
  • Don't Change - Simplified
    "What if I told you I was happy Just strolling around with you That I could live my life just like this There's nothing else I need to do The way they talk it gets down on me They say some dreams won't"
  • Don't Change - Karen Clark-Sheard
    "(KeKe)(Karen) phone rings (hello?) (hey mama) (yeah) (can we kick it?) (can we kick it?) (i'm sorry, can i talk to you for a minute) (that's more like it) (well here's my story) verse 1 (becoming a lady)(yeah)"
  • Change - Fishbone
    "There's a light on a hill That's far out in the distance And it calls out my name It calls out for a change Far away voices That want their own choices Sigh for a plea As it calls out for a change Ooh"
  • Change - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper I can feel the autumn on the summer's heels I hate to notice how much colder the night it feels And you're leaving Yes, you're leaving Time to change Time to change I can"
  • Change - Patty Griffin
    "Dog comes howling up behind you, sinks his teeth in your legTells you how now things are going to be a little differentAnd he takes you down a pegYou make him ashamed for you, he buys you a new dressBecause"
  • Change - Sugababes
    "If I could hold you close Like you were never gone If I could hear your voice You'd tell me to be strong But sometimes, I just can't I just don't understand Why you had to go Why you had to go I guess"
  • Change - Jennifer Nettles
    "(Chorus) Change, can I water this down for you? Change, don't know how you will take this news Change, something's wrong and I can tell Change, this is gonna hurt likeā Well, underestimation is my"
  • Change - T-Pain
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • Change - Musiq
    "Lately you've been questioning If I still see you the same way Cause through these trying years We gonna both physically change Now don't you know you you'll always be The most beautiful woman I know So"
  • Change - Peter Cox
    "What's hanging you up? What's getting you down? Open your soul to me There is no part of you I don't want to see You can't be all you hope for All of the time No one can So just be yourself tonight Let"
  • Change - Musiq Soulchild
    "Lately you've been questioningIf I still see you the same wayCause through these trying yearsWe gonna both physically changeNow don't you know you you'll always beThe most beautiful woman I knowSo let"
  • Change - Spock's Beard
    "I can't help the way that I am Cause it was you that made me You never offered to lend a hand So I did it for myself I did it for myself I know there's something missing Got to find a way to make it happen It's"
  • Change - Off By One
    "Things I saw things I see Thing that you wanted me to be But I can not change Same routine over again You call me up just to be my friend Things are still the same Been so long since we started Even"
  • Change - Akwid
    "~ChOrUs~ Even though you don't want me, I will wait for you And I know this is your world, you're gonna do what you wanna do Just becuase the things I did I'm always put to shame So if you let me in your"
  • Change - Glenn Hughes
    "I have walked down the highest trailI turned my back and I did prevailMy sanityI could see from the gardenMaybe once you should take my adviceThis is your only sacrificeThe pain is roughBut soon it will"
  • Change - Vanessa Amorosi
    "intro: i'm only lifted up lifted up lifted up to you verse 1: i start my morning i turn the lights on and slowly wake up and i end my day, i drink from the same cup i get around doin'everything twice but"

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