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you feel like you can

  • Can you feel it - Dead Can Dance
    "It's not the way you look It's not the way you walk It's not even the colour of your money That brings you my respect It's not the way you talk It's not the tales you tell You watch and speak loud on words"
  • Can You Feel - Taxiride
    "Can you feel Underneath the brave and brand new sky A soldier's singing So I'm writing you this letter won't be long Till I meet you at the station For you are the only one I'm thinking of You are the"
  • Can you feel like i do - Ellegarden
    "Another day is coming, so I wake upthink of what I said, before I think of youWe're almost crossing ourselvesYou had your own convictionI'm not quite as well yetSomething makes you tell youit's quite inexplicablebut"
  • I Can Feel You - Anastacia
    "Yeah Tell me what have you done to me, oh How come your eyes feel like your hands on me? (Am I under some magic spell?) Oh, did you put a hex on my body (I'm aroused though, boy can't you tell?) I can't"
  • Can You Feel It - Reel 2 Real
    "Can you feel it Baby (16x) This is mad stuntman pon your case Wicked everytime right (laugh) So all rude boys and rude girls Feel the rhythm and feel the vibe here me now Watch the D.J. Him a mix like"
  • I Can Feel You - Jump Little Children
    "Born to the red rising sun A silver ring and a bottle of rum The lonesome coup is nothing new I'll toast it anyway just for fun. How could we know about this? She gave that little ring a twist She swelled"
  • Can You Feel It? - Pro-Pain
    "So, are you sick of me yet? Well I'm sick of you too. Been flappin them pork chop lips for days, so what's up with you? Always so quick to judge but last up to the plate. Knocked out with a lethal dose"
  • Can You Feel It - Shyheim
    "Haaaaaa, and it don't stop and it don't stop Rugged child got the world prop nigga Can you feel it Can you feel it (do I gotta cock my pistol? ) (shyheim) I be notorious like that nigga big smalls Plus"
  • Can You Feel It - Warren G
    "LBC D-E-F-G I'm H-I off J's bellin in a T-shirt and blue jeans well few dreams ever come true well some do, so nigga say (I'm from the beach too) Long Beach City G's Funkin and its a pity who many we's"
  • Can You Feel It - Jackson 5
    "BOULEVARD Jackson Browne Down on the boulevard they take it hard They look at life with such disregard They say it can't be won The way the game is run But if you choose to stay You end up playing anyway It's"
  • Can You Feel The Rain - Badfinger
    "I hear the thunder, I know the rain is falling far. And the river is rising. Watch these dark clouds come peeking off slow, "above the horizon" Won't somebody rescue me, from the thunder and the lightning Baby"
  • I Can Still Feel You - Collin Raye
    "It's that feeling, That someone is standing behind you and I turn around and there's no one there and it's the sensation that someone just whispered I stil hear your voice but you're not really here"
  • Can You Feel The Sunshine - Richard Jacques
    "Can you see, the sun is shining on me? It makes me feel so free, so alive It makes me want to survive And the sky, it makes me feel so high The bad times pass me by 'Cos today, it's gonna be a brighter"
  • Can You Feel The Beat - Bratz
    "I see what you were searching. Something down-where like a fire I think that you don't want to waste the time being a one timer Your right never walking, Stepping into another level. All your desire that?s"
  • Can you feel the sunshine - Sonic Team
    "Can you seeThe sun is shining on meIt makes me feel so freeSo aliveIt makes me want to surviveAnd the skyIt makes me feel so highThe bad times pass me byBecause todayIt's gonna be a brighter dayCan you"
  • Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa Shaw
    "Can you feel the beat within my heart Can you see my love shine through the dark Can you see that you must be a part of that beat in my heart After all that we've been through I can't seem to face the"
  • Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa Lisa
    "Chorus: Can you feel the beat within my heart Can you see my love shine through the dark Can you see that you must be a part of that beat in my heart After all that we've been through I can't seem"
  • Can You Feel Me Baby - Foxy Brown
    "My peoples is watching you, watching me Lots of envy and hate is what it got to be I heard you tryin' to destroy my whole monopoly But if I take it to your face, you 'gon cop a plea I know it, but it's"
  • Can you feel it now - Budka Suflera
    "I can't dely, I face a mirrorYou got to find a really heart carrierNice to show to spend a monkey elevecting moviesI got to go, the sunrise is waitingYoud better call your mom to come help meDont fall"
  • Feel You Like a River - ATB
    "I can feel you across the miles in my body Almost physical - spiritual like there was no seperation like you were right beside me like a river I can feel forever in my mind I can always reach for you inside We"

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