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you gad de filen
  • Les Luthiers Oi Gad
    "Oi gadóaya Oi gadóaya Oi gadóaya Heeeey... heeey... heeey! Basta balalaika, Enseanza laica, Via etrusca aeja. La lleva o la deja. Si no es la que busca, Plstica katiuska. Viva el conde de Romanov! Grita"
  • Brodka Gad
    "Lubię, lubię gdy żądłem równasz mi brwi i z algi nadmiar wysysasz krwi i gdy się wijesz wzdłuż moich nóg łbem uderzając o łoża próg"
  • Tokyo Rose (Last Gad Before Interstate) 695
    "After this turn, I'll be one block away from whom this heart yearns. The gasoline burns. I can hear the engine hum to all your favorite songs. Driving to you, because I don't want to feel it. Running"
  • Endo G.A.D.
    "going dow the ozone lookin' for a new home trying to cope with the madness future crisis choked up i can't breathe loss of control what the fuck's wrong with me paranoia the levels are dropping somethin's"
  • Gary Valenciano Gad Will Make A Way
    "God will make a way where there seems to be no way he works in ways we cannot see he will make a way for me He willl be my guide hold me closely to his side with love and strength for each new day He"
  • Puffy AmiYumi ???? De ???
    "Hitori yori totemo yoku warai Hito no hanbun yoku nemeri Tama ni fuan wo kaketemo Ki ga tsukya itsumo wasureteru Ii koto bakari dewa nai ga Suteta mono dewa gozaimasen Daichi no ibuki kanjite wa kokoro"
  • De La Soul De La Orgee
    "DOVE: This is De La Orgee... (Various male and female grunting panting and screaming sounds including...) (It's in there.) (Say you like it. Tell me you like it.) (I like it oh I like it) (More! More!) (What's"
  • Cadaveres De Tortugas Pintar De Verde
    "Acerto a ser vierrias aquel due El relej dió las diez Canvience no perder tiempo Me cuesta mucho confesarlo No puedo no tiene espera Conforme - Conforme Pintar de verde Conforme - Conforme Con mucho questo Abrir"
  • Cadaveres De Tortugas Diablo De Luxe
    "You've got to choose that what side you on, boy To win or to lose, to build or to destroy Move on with this muthaf**kin' breakdown Bring down the whole town if you hear this sound I'm here again, stronger"
  • Tuatha De Danann De Danann's Voice
    "Welcome to this piece of joy This music will transpose you to Some place youve never been before The never ending dance beggins... Were back from the ancient days We have new spells Weve learned in some"
  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Clair De Lune
    "And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Miscellaneous Clair De Lune Well the mood settled down Once the movie hit town You know all the movies I've seen You never did understand How"
  • ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Clair De Lune
    "Well the mood settled down Once the movie hit town You know all the movies I've seen You never did understand How I watched all of them I can't figure how you never did And the moon is so gold That it"
  • Number Twelve Looks Like You El Pinata De La Muerte
    "Remember my face dirty man? Smack me with a frying pan, maybe this will all come back to you. You gave me a fever a long time ago, I never got better. Remember me yet? This is where I celebrate my recovery. I'll"
  • Animal Collective De Soto De Sun
    "Baby canteen, when i thought your heart stopped beating The room brought out the silence in your breathing A birth in wooded housing will help you live beyond the numbers Let us pray to pan let in the"
  • Franco Battiato Mal De
    "Ya comido, se iba a descansar mecido por las mosquiteras y por el ruido en la cocina, por las ventanas entreabiertas, reflejos en la pared, y alguna cosa abstracta se adueaba de m, senta hablar bajito"
  • Koda Kumi Futari De...
    "Koushite mainichi sugoseru jikan wo Taisetsu ni omou Tsumaranai koto de komaraseru watashi Kore kara mo soba de sou waraitai Anata ga moshimo nayanda toki wa Te wo hiku no ga watashi de aru yo ni Atashi"
  • KRS-One De Automatic
    "(feat. Fat Joe) Some fear de 'matic Ah hah hah, heh heh heh, EHHH Check it out Some fear de 'matic, yes de automatic Disrespect, from MC's, me nah go have it De automatic, get de automatic Tonight a"
  • Herman Finkers De Canadezen
    "Aan hij die woont in Knokke, Brugge en Kortrijk Weet u wel, dat u woont in drie plaatsen tegelijk? De aarde raakt zo overvol, zag ik laatst vermeld Zo zijn wij al met vijf miljard, mijzelf niet meegeteld En"
  • Carly Simon De bat
    "Fly in me faceFly in me faceFly in me faceFly in me faceWell I hope de bat don't come out and fly in me face tonightWell I come home from a partyAnd I'm feelin' a little spacedAnd I walk on in the kitchen"
  • After Forever De-energized
    "You take (...) until the bitter endYou are (...) your violent (...)Your eyes are blind, (...) I can seeYou take with violence an innocent (...)You are disgraced by your tendenciesOur a weakness in (...)"

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