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you got you got move to the music random girl

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you got you got move to the music random girl

  • Random - Lady Sovereign
    "Everybody in the club gettin tipsy Oh fuck dat, just WHINE like a gypsy Can't see straight, like i only got one eye (pop) Your bottle open oh my Let's.... get started move ya arms 'round like fucked"
  • Fizzo Got Flow - B2K (You Got Served Soundtrack)
    "One, two, three, four, Fizzo came through and I'm blazin out the door Hold five to six hoes Causin frenzies round the globe And my belly stay froze, cuz my chain hang low Now I'm gettin paid, every single"
  • Move To The Music - Slaughter
    "What's he doing with her man You know that's that bird I was telling you about That messed around With me and my bro Ya know I might be young But I'm not naive ya see This girl could chew you up And spit"
  • Got to move - Fleetwood Mac
    "You've got to move, you can't stay here no more You've got to move, you can't stay here no more, oh yes You're my baby, I love you so, but, still you've got to go - away from here You won't cook, you won't"
  • Random - 311
    "Sound boy proceed to blast into the galaxy, oh~oh Go back rocket man into the sky you'll see, oh~oh Hear it all the time, come back rewind Aliens are waiting up in the sky Sound boy proceed to blast into"
  • I've Got To Move - Calvin Richardson
    "Baby Baby Ohhh CHORUS I've got to move But I want to stay Got to find me somebody Who won't give me love And then take it away Listen I remember the first time I laid eyes on you girl I had no idea"
  • Randy - Justice
    "Get up and shake it off It's time that you listen up And hear the call There are the water But at night you're on fire Back against the wall Don't stop, try to make your mark And make your mind up Don't"
  • You Got To Funkifize - Tower Of Power
    "(You got to funkifize) (You got to funkifize) (You got to funkifize) (You got to funkifize) Move to the music, got to shout and shing-a-ling, You got to groove with the rhythm, girl, get slick and shake"
  • You Got Gun ? - H.O.T.You Got Gun
    "ah ee geh deh ee goh! kan dehn ee boo eun nom ee doh shee jak een gah boo dah! bee geuk eh shee jak eel boon god nah suh yoo chee hah duhn moh deun geh eem doh keu nah ssuh moh deun geh duh nah ssuh neh"
  • Got To Move On - Kate Ryan
    "Every time you walk away There's so many things that I like to say It isn't me so it is you I don't know what I've gotta do When you're here I'm feeling down feeling down What I feel here inside I know"
  • Got - Mos Def
    "Some cats really like to, you know... Profile and front. And then the jooks go down, all at once they like... Don't get me Don't get me Don't g-g-g-g-g-get mad You're out on the block hustling"
  • Got It Girl - Raven-Symon
    "This (c'mon!) Is so serious (I said c'mon!) Raven-Symon! C'mon! Let's go! I said c'mon! Let's go! That girl, that got it girl I'm that girl, that got it girl That girl, that got it girl I'm that girl,"
  • I Got Music - Dom Pachino
    "(Intro: Dom PaChino (Lord Superb)) It's like everything I think about I jot down (That's right!) My week.. distorted Yo.. come on man! (Aiyo) Ya fuckin' wit the Terrorist now (It's him) Falling Down on"
  • Random - Che Fu
    "It doesn't matter what they say behind your back Just as long, as your truthful to the ones who love you It doesn't matter what you've done before in your time I won't say nothing, even if they pull on"
  • She got to move me - Grand Funk Railroad
    "Feelin' kind of down 'cause I needed some female company. Suddenly I felt this pair of eyes starin' at me. She got to move me, she got the soul, No one could have told me she was only fourteen years old."
  • Random - Lamb
    "Strange as it seems Just the sound of your name Makes my heart skip a beat Again and again The sweetest fluttering in my chest 'Cause you're the one i love the best I can't believe what You're doing to"
  • Random Rules - Silver Jews
    "In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection. Slowly screwing my way across Europe, they had to make a correction. Broken and smokin' where the infrared deer plunge in the digital snake. I tell"
  • The One That Got Away - Random Thoughts
    "I finally realized today that your the reason I hesitated To live life without regrets I placed you on a pedestal beneath which all comers seemed dull Cause I still remember every detail of the day"
  • I Got You Girl - 504 Boyz
    "Intro: (Choppa) Come on girl, P. and C... Sinners doin' the track... Long as you thuggin'... We got you Chorus: Tyron (Master P) Girl (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl) You don't even know my name"
  • What You Got - Justin Timberlake
    "The way your body keeps moving Is something that makes me weak Lets start our own little secrets For just you and me to keep Too late to come off shy now You've already gone this far So baby make your"

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