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you keep mehanging on

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you keep mehanging on

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you keep mehanging on
  • Basement Jaxx Keep Keep On
    "Thing is when you hold someone too close They tend to lose their breath I know we're both just a little bit guilty of it We've been blaming each other to death Keep, keep on It's just a little hiccup (repeat) There"
  • Brady Bunch Keep On
    "Flying down the highway in my makeshift Model T.A. (Woo! Yeah! Woo!) It's a beautiful morning and it's gonna be a beautiful day The wheels are humming and the guitar's strumming And the radio is blasting"
  • Ziggy Marley Keep On
    "We keep on Keep on Keep on Keep cool Keep calm Keep real Hey never you let them get you down You might never come around Never you let them out your fire You won't get your heart desire Never you let"
  • Diana Ross Keep On
    "(n. rodgers/g. smith) Dancin', dancin' Keep on dancing So you don't have to fee the pain Keep on, keep on, keep on dancing So you don't have to feel the pain Fate has dealt you a losing hand Ever since"
  • Michael Nesmith Keep On
    "Consider the source, and ignore, if you can Whatever is said to undo the plan Consider the source, and ignore it, my friend You're doing just fine, keep on keepin' on Keep in mind the difference between"
  • Dwele Keep On
    "(feat. Slum Village) I- I'm stuck in Love with you I can't bend these pimping rules No more than I been flexing them Buddy love, spandexin' And if you aint know I play by rules an I'm ma keep on At"
  • No Authority Keep On
    "Keep on, keep on girl, it's on and poppin' Keep on, keep on, ain't no need for stoppin' Keep on, keep on, just do it if you like it Keep on, keep on, 'cause I like it The party's at my house It's on"
  • Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz Keep On
    "Verse 1: Peter Gunz Uh, come on, come on, come on Uh, and I see you This is it In '97 I made plans to see mo' money In '98 I blasted out in the phat 420 When I hit the block kids stop look and stare Girls"
  • Will Young Keep On
    "Chorus You know I'm gonna keep on, gonna keep on Nowhere else to go I like it with the heat on, so put the heat on I get there on my own You know I'm gonna ride it, I won't hide it I told you all along But"
  • Blazin' Squad Keep on
    "Blazin Squad-This Ones 4 All The Ppl's Ambitions Keep Focused Keep Ur Mind Straight Your Time Will Cum Keep Doin Wot Ur Doin Y'all Dont Ever Stop Keep On Doin Wot Your Doin Dont u ever stop If U Want It"
  • G. Love And Special Sauce Keep on
    "Everybodys saying they rightI aint saying that they wrongWhat but I cant stop moving nowIve got to keep traveling onEverybodys saying they rightI aint saying that they wrongBut I cant stop moving nowIve"
  • The Buzzcocks Keep On
    "There's no two ways about it There's nothing left to say If only you'd paid attention Then things wouldn't be this way Crazy paved with good intentions Is the rut that you're stuck in So that all that's"
  • Unified Theory Keep On
    "Fighting waves thirty feet tall The boat is nearly full of water When your thinking becomes crystal clear Life is consumed by the moment Keep on, keeping on Don't wait for the wind to blow Keep on, keeping"
    "Everybody's saying they right I ain't saying that they wrong What but I can't stop moving now I've got to keep traveling on Everybody's saying they right I ain't saying that they wrong But I can't"
  • Jamie Madrox Keep On
    "My style is evident I adapt to formats And metamorph combat like a battle rap My mouse a gat and im clapping it off U get hit with a slug u better die shake it off I never freestyle, fuck a free rhyme"
  • Portugal. The Man Keep On
    "keep on hanging on stuck here till I’m gone boys still throwing stones running till I’m wrong I never listened to tell the truth I never knew but nobody misses what you did quite I like do got me thinking"
  • Grand Puba Keep On
    ""Check it out ch'all and you don't stop. Keep on and you don't stop" (x4) Verse 1: I knew from jump that my shit was gonna hit Cause I spoke to Dione Warick and she put me on some psychic shit She said"
  • Flunk Keep on
    "Come on and make a wishI don't want to knowI want to see this loveYou might as well let goI want to feel like thisThere's something in your eyesMight be my twisted mindI think it's paradiseCome on and"
  • Buzzcocks Keep on
    "There's no two ways about itThere's nothing left to sayIf you'd only paid attentionThen things wouldn't be this wayCrazy paved with good intentionsIs the rut that you're stuck inSo that all that's left"
  • Jah Cure Keep On
    "Jah will protect the people you know From all poverty and distress Yes Jah Thanks and praise...Rastafari Tell every Nation you know People of the world Oooooohh Yeaaaaaahh Keeeeeep Ooooon Shining light"

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