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you know you garret

  • Lolita In The Garret - Ali Project
    "{{ruby||}} tu sais, je t'aime tu sais, je t'aime tu sais, je t'aime Monsieur, {{Translation||Japanese}} ==Kanji== ATORIE no madobe kara RUDON BURU- no sora kobore FUROA"
  • Garret - Kiyoharu
    "velvety kanki amare epicurean KAMEREON no hifu de nomikometeta my garret aru risou uru yo ravage merrily uchouten de god send dare yori mo takaku nomikometeta my garret aru risou uru yo ravage kansei shita"
  • When You Know What You Want - You Am I
    "when you know what you want, the winds at your back yeah, and time's your friend, it'll push you out like tide, drag you in and kiss you at the end, when you know what you want, you keep your head up yeah,"
  • Place In My Heart - Garret
    "Down the way That life lays out Therell be traps, therell be pain, therell be losses But so much to admire Spread your light Make your path more bright The clearer you go, the easier life shows All the"
  • No - Garret
    "No time No time to think and no time to change your mind No time to trust another heart No place No place to cry and no place to be alone, all alone No place where you dont belong Where, just where did"
  • Her Song - Garret
    "How I wish Id know to Show the feelings Ive got for you That youre inside me From my rise till I fall asleep Shame I cant remember my own dreams Sure a world Ive built for you and me Where times do change But"
  • Top - Garret
    "Slow paces are taking me home My head dont really know where Im coming from In that dark street Ive just been in Ive heard a shot and somebody scream People get down everyday but... hey Rain started to"
  • And You Will Know Them ... - And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    "And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Miscellaneous And You Will Know Them ... (crowd chanting to the beat of the drums): 'trail of dead, trail of dead...' then cut to- (collage of"
  • What I Don't Know 'Bout You - You Am I
    "This whole day was useless Next one's gonna be worse Cos I'm wearing this badge of fortune like A criminals wears a curse I want to chase that rabbit right off the rails And rip this metal keeping my mouth"
  • You Know - Damned
    "You've got your plastic cards But you can't create You've got your open bars But you can't relate Pretty as a mirror Ugly as your smile You won't fool anybody Not even for a while You know you know You"
  • You Know - Anja Garbarek
    "Did i tell you Where i went this morning ? Did i tell you Where i've been all day ? You know Where i go when i'm without you You know Behind the sky The sun is always Blue Blue Blue Did i tell you Where"
  • You Know - 8mm
    "You know it has to end like this You know that it's the only way You know it has to end like this You know it, babe ... You know it has to end like this You know that it's the only way Bite my lip and"
  • You Know - Athlete
    "You are loved and you know you are Yeah you know, you know, you know you are And you know, you know, you know you are You'll endure and you know you will Yeah you know, you know, you know you will And"
  • You know - Silbermond
    "When I saw you the first time I immediately knew you are the one I've been always searching for I see you sitting there I see your hair Your eyes, your smile, your lips I wonder if you know What you mean"
  • Know You - Gretchen
    "So many times I've waited, for you to recognize my face But you don't seem to notice I'm alive I want to know you --- why do you run? I'd never hurt you --- but still you run Your voice is music"
  • You Know - Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens
    "You know I could be Cause when I look at you I feel something tell me /10x"
  • You Know - Donots
    "Sitting on a ticking time-bomb It's amazing how you keep on smiling I see you falling from a roof-top Do you still think that it feels like flying? Did you forget about you And the place called home? Did"
  • You Know - Human Nature
    "I got this feelin' baby I got this feelin' that you know You know you're in love with me Help me baby I can't believe we're going all this way (Tell him face to face) I'm your lover The man you're with"
  • You Know - E-Type
    "Lived my life to the extreme I've been waisting my time with lies Lived my life from dream to dream You have awaken the beast that sleeps I'll be forever here, around you day and night I'll never let you"
  • You know - Rob Rock
    "The air is filled with tension, I'm tired of this game Something here is dying it don't feel the same Lying right beside you, I find it hard to breathe Searching for a reason that I just can't see You"

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