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you look down and you look up

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you look down and you look up

  • Look - Boyz N Da Hood
    "Look, Look, Look, Look You can catch me in the middle of Atlanta nigga (Look) In the cracks and the crevises of the ghetto nigga (look) Gone rep you is gonna catch you on a stretcher nigga (look) Gotta"
  • Look - Bounty Killer
    "People A Dead That's What I Said The Crime Must Be Led The Hungry Must Be Fed Hey Yo Galore I'm Looking Through All This Fear Over The Years Hey Yo Nobody Cares Take A Look In My House Would You Live"
  • Look Down - The Monkees
    "I'm holdin' my hand out Keepin' my head high Tryin' to get out of mechanical night When I get to the top of the clear crystal mountain I'm gonna stay up there as long as I can And look down Diggin' the"
  • Look Down - Les Miserables
    "(1832. The teeming, squalid streets of Paris. Beggars, urchins, prostitutes, students, etc.) Beggars Look down, look down, and see the beggars at your feet Look down and show some mercy if you can Look"
  • Look Up - Big Star
    "Look up, look up You'll see the sky Look up, look up He's the life Waiting to love you Wanting to reach you Look up, look up You'll see the sky The man walking down the street Keeps his head"
  • Look - Alice In Chains
    "It's brought up without a clueTied up in a cellWithdrew for youI cannot love you todayFeeding your lies to repressLook at me and you will learnto loooooveLook at me and you will learnto loooooveForgot"
  • Look Up - Stars
    "Your friends hold the lullabies, they watch the way the night lies. Soft sounds; head's like a radio, heart's wrapped in blankets laying low, heart's wrapped in blankets laying low... You're cold, maybe"
  • Not Look Down - Dougie MacLean
    "From up here she said there's no compromise I've seen them laughing and they're in up to their eyes And all their clever words are whistling in the wind Whistling in the wind From up here she said you"
  • Don't Look Down - BBMak
    "You and I go way up high In the dark, tell me where the light's gonna come from now Is it you, was it me? Fallin.... Out of hope, a tightrope After all baby you should know, not to heed the crowd All that"
  • Don't look down - 4Lyn
    "Not every day in my life has been a good one, not every day in my live has been bad. im rollercoastinthrough emotions every second, from fine to fukked up and bakk again. one day im happy and the next"
  • Heaven Look Down - Beth Hart
    "Heaven Look Down Album: 37 Days (2007) Hell is on the TV, the world I know is screaming What a way to cut me down Everyone is shaking, no giving only taking If I could only Kill that sound If"
  • Don't Look Down - Guillemots
    "So the king went riding On a silver horse Quit the throne Gone running For a bit of sugar And a bit of salt He waged a war About nothing But it's alright Yeah, it's alright The king is dying Come out"
  • Don't Look Down - Grant Lee Phillips
    "Word long is the word Numb is a better word So haven't you heard Luke the Drifter and me Who wrote us a song Too lonesome to sing Not on this side of the dial Not on this short wave Buster Keaton and"
  • Don't Look Down - Saga
    "Look at him running there's so far to go, He's very short of breath And he'd said don't be late Just don't be late With his parcel tucked tight under his arm He's sure he's passed half way And he'd said"
  • Don't Look Down - The Divine Comedy
    ""Birds and planes go Through the rainbow Every day though You simply refuse Old-fashioned Ferris Wheels Are no big deal They're just big wheels with chairs So don't be scared Just set yourself free" She"
  • Can't Look Down - Zox
    "So we're a little bit older now. We're a little bit tired, A little bit scared of looking down. We wipe our weary eyes, And step into the storm outside. I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting"
  • Don't Look Down - Mouga
    "Sweet close your eyes Don't want you to see me fallin' down smashin' against the road Is it a nightmare I can't wake up from? These nights these days inanely banged my head agaist the bedroom floor he's"
  • Look At You - Hanson
    "Look at you baby Standing in the shadows wondering what I'm doing here Wishing something would happen, maybe I could disappear She walks in with that look in her eye Somehow she doesn't even have to try Just"
  • Look At You - Warrior Soul
    "I'm not your steppin' stone Your kind is lying low The war that you never won Laid out in the burnin' sun I showed you your world I tear holes thru your phoney love I saw the burning god Covered in mud,"
  • You Look Good - Lady Antebellum
    "On a boat On a beacha In the water In the sand In te back of a bar Cold beer in your hand Breaking hearts, breaking necks When we rollin’ down the street Heads turnin’ all day When they see yu with"

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