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you love so take

  • Don't Take Your Love - Take That
    "Now when I've just begun to need you Trying to throw everything away No need to tell me, know you need time Time for me to make you see you're always mine Don't take your love away from me Don't take"
  • Love You So - Natalie
    "Ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh From the minute that you got my attention I was taken and I have to mention I was trying to not let it show But I knew I wasn't gonna let you go From the way that you came"
  • Love You So - St. Lunatics
    "(Cardan - talking through chorus) You know I loved you right I never, I never knew girl, you see You know the pain right, you can feel my pain right? Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo (Chorus) Ooh,"
  • Take - Pensive Lane
    "you should never lose control just be nice and beautiful that's what people tell you that's what people think to know you should only love one girl in your small and perfect world but at least it's your"
  • Take - Riddlin Kids
    "Think about the youth. Never knowing what's instore never knowing what they're gonna see. Alway's needing proof. Innocence is hard to keep, trust is just a faded memory. What do you need to see? Think"
  • Take - Riddlin' Kids
    "Think about the youth. Never knowing what's instore never knowing what they're gonna see. Alway's needing proof. Innocence is hard to keep, trust is just a faded memory. What do you need to see?"
  • So Hard 2 Take - Brokencyde
    "I tried so hard to get you out of my mind I tried so hard until it was all over and done my feelings were long gone, no longer hurt in my stomach at first it was love kid than turn it in constant arguments i"
  • Love You Down - So Def
    "it never really mattered to much to me that you were just to damned old for me all the really mattered was your my girlfriend and baby thats all that mattered to me (Chorus) let me love you down (even"
  • Love You (Take 3) - Syd Barrett
    "Honey love you, honey little, honey funny sunny morning love you more funny love in the skyline baby ice-cream 'scuse me, I've seen you looking good the other evening Oh, you dig it, had to smile just"
  • Don't Take It So Personal - Babyface
    "I was wrong, I was out of line I didn't mean to lead you on But there was something in your eyes Your look so fly, reminds me of my girl back home Had it been another time, I surely wouldn't If you and"
  • So in Love With You - Kenny Rogers
    "So in love with you. Girl, I've seen you lonesome every morning, by my side you'd never be alone, just tell me what it is your heart desire, cos all I wanna do is take you home. cos I'm so in love"
  • So in love with you - B3
    "Am I crazy now? uh I dream too much But when I think of you I just wanna to feel your touch Whisper in your ear The Things you love to hear Do you love me too? Im so happy that you do Every little"
  • So In Love With You - Texas
    "I'm so in love with you Whether it is right or it's wrong I'm too weak to be strong I'm so in love with you Well you say you need something To help you when you're down, to take your fears away Yeh you"
  • So In Love With You - U.N.V.
    "You are to me What poetry tries to say with a word You are a song All the music my heart ever heard I can't escape The air that I breathe even speaks of you And I'm not ashamed to say That I feel this"
  • So In Love With You - Planetshakers
    "God I've found in You Everything I was searching for And You've given me What I needed and so much more So I'm giving every part of me to You Won't You take my life I'm living it for You Jesus I'll live"
  • Take My Love - Shane Barnard
    "Lord, i'm giving all i am with everything i am holy and annointed one, to You i lift my hands i surrender all i have take my love away, take my love away, take my love away oh Lord, i've given it my best"
  • Take My Love - Amanda Perez
    "(OHHHH) Verse 1 (Take my love) Talk to me thats the only way I can find out what's going on, Finally we can be ourselves we don't have to be alone. (UmmmmmUmmmmmmm) I've given you the liberty to make"
  • Take Love Easy - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Easy Easy Take love easy, easy easy Never let your feelings show Make it breezy, breezy breezy Easy come and easy go Never smile too brightly brightly When your heart is riding high Let your heart break,"
  • Take This Love - Scott Walker
    "Please don't ever say you love me when you know, that it's not true. Oh my darling, say you want me take this love from a fool. Take my hand dear, walk beside me, my love's endless, so it's true. Oh my"
  • Take This Love - Sergio Mendes
    "I know what you're thinking Your eyes give you away We've been talking all night long And there's nothing left to say It's a mutual emotion Nothing's standing in the way I've got this feelin' babe That"

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