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you never know

  • You Never Know - Solid Base
    "You tell me that I am gonna fail but you 4x Never know, never know, never know Never know. You never know Take a chance, think of what you do Ain't no time to play around Make a way for a better"
  • Never Know - Ashanti
    "oh, no,no,no, Now here it goes.. this is why i love(love you) this is why i care(i care) i'll never ever leave you(you) promise to be there... Did you get my message there was reply c'mon baby answer all"
  • Never Know - Ang?
    "Egb afon kpodo avi kpo Do wzoun kan w Nou d adoo bi vo dow Avi djin kpo Toto mantin Nontow kou bo yhan dow Egb awa toun viv ton Do g tow min What you want Is not always what you need Looking everywhere Except"
  • Never Know - Cypress Hill
    "You never know I just might die tonight so lets get hight tonight Might try to fight, some mothers cry tonight Cig in my right hand cause you hold tight to life But you ain't a bright man You know I"
  • Never Know - Angelique Kidjo
    "Never Know Featuring Cassandra Wilson Egb afon kpodo avi kpo Do wzoun kan w Nou d adoo bi vo dow Avi djin kpo Toto mantin Nontow kou bo y han dow Egb awa toun viv ton Do gb tow min What you want Is not"
  • Never Know - EMF
    "Oh Mother There's a hole in my side And comfort is only a need of mine And I get lonely At any chance that I might get Your arms can't hold what's going on inside And you'll see just what you want me to"
  • Never Know - Jack Johnson
    "I heard this old story before Where the people keep on killing for their metaphors But don't leave much up to the imagination So I want to give this imagery back But I know it just ain't so easy like"
  • You Never Know - Mario Winans
    "Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh babe, oh baby, oh Why the things seems so different to me? I remember how, it used to be. A hug and a kiss, what happened every day? But now it seems that everything has"
  • You Never Know - Joe Walsh
    "Secrets always travel farther than they should And loose translations float around the neighbourhood And rumours don't do anyone a bit of good They just get started, funny you never know You never know The"
  • Never know - D-Side
    "You, left with suitcase in hand, unplanned, you knowThat you, should have left me a note, so I'd understandMaybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm rightBut it's at this point you should start to cryCoz if you start"
  • You Never Know - Hanson
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you don't know Whoa, whoa, whoa, you don't know You walk around like maybe there's something your missing Hallucinations happenin' in your head. This look you're giving me is not a look"
  • Never Know - Pennywise
    "With so much bullshit what can you believe So many lives all divided by greed No way to stop no way to erase what we all cannot face Sometimes the thunder it slowly creeps in makes us all wonder where"
  • You Never Know - BLACKPINK
    "Utwór 'You Never Know' BLACKPINK pochodzi z pełnowymiarowej płyty BLACKPINK zatytułowanej ‘THE ALBUM’."
  • You never know - Goldfrapp
    "How long nowHow long nowI love youSteel painted eyesFeels like snowChange my headDays so longYou never know, you never knowYou never knowYou never know, you never knowYou never knowJust how long it will"
  • You Never Know - Trey Songz
    "((verse 1) the day started off with six chicks callin runnin off with game and then ballin and no matter how trife they say you be thats just how it go with the life you lead gotta keep it fresh so"
  • You Never Know - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "You never know some folks think the world just moves too slow But was it you? Who told me I'm your everything You hit me like I never felt before Hit me like a sucker punch, you're rotten to the core You"
  • You never know - Israel Vibration
    "You never ... you never know. You muma never teach you back a yard. So when YOU left and come abroad, now. You start to holler, say it hard. You even call on Jah Lord's name. Cause you a look little fame."
  • You never know - BB King
    "Yeah, you never know how you hurt me, babyHow bad i feel insideOh, you never know how much you hurt me, womanHow bad i feel insideI believed you when you said you loved meOh, but i know you liedOh, when"
  • You Never Know - Anita Lipnicka & John Porter
    "The sun came crashing in onto the floor When I look at you I want more She threw blanket over me Cause she thought I was looking cold You never know who youve got Till theyve gone An angel came down bearing"
  • You never know - Marc Anthony
    "You never knowSome folks think the world just moves too slowBut was it youTold me I'm your everything you Hit me like I never felt before(Hit me like I never felt before)Hit me like a sucker punchRunning"

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