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you never return

  • Return - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Wonder where that plane is leading to Wonder where that boat will ever stop Wonder if this path I am treading Will disappear and let me drop Down to a hell that's surely waiting Down to the hell I know"
    "Its hard enough to know That somethings made us not the same Did I give all I could give Or spend all I could spend in vain We were holding on the line Waiting for the sun to rise But we could not believe The"
  • Never To Return - Hypocrisy
    "To take me away A victim and a People of the end And what way they I am the again? Take me away from this hell I will put you there Take my body and make reborn... I feel the evil inside, (that"
  • Never To Return - Taraxacum
    "It's so calm before the storm Without a warning we all are gone They say you can't fight fate So I guess we'll have to wait Desensitizing all we see Look at the violence on T.V. Is there no true escape From"
  • And Never Return - Cadaverous Condition
    "a different world waits for me a hideaway from all that's wrong across the waves to enchanted isles far away and there we'll stay we all live troubled lives but I'd rather stay here in the dark you like"
  • Never Return To Hell - Angelic Upstarts
    "Do you really want a war? What are you fighting for? Destruction may be the end, that I couldnt face. Look someone in the eye, kill to survive. Never enough to know the hate that went before. Never"
  • Never Return - Born From Pain
    "Scorching heat till deliverance The tide is turning Ive seen the face The fall of idols I must escape Leaving this time behind Trapped in (a) stalemate Lasting lifetimes End the siege Broken soul Forever"
  • No Return - Avantasia
    "(Lugaid:) Mental vigour's been right on the edge To a 'stupefying' hole of no return Now we dance a holy war is won But there must be more we got to learn (Gabriel:) Don't you know now that I'm here I"
  • The return - Ruben Studdard
    "K.L., Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Baby, I know it's been awhile since you seen me And there's a lot of things I wanna show you Most things you never knew I could do Listen, baby, boo, I wanna whisper in ya ear"
  • In Return - CeCe Winans
    "All I had to give was a broken heart Torn apart All I had to give was an empty hope, and promises (?) But in return to gave me joy That could never be told and in return you gave me love that was"
  • In Return - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright Marvin Winans All I had to give Was a broken heart, torn apart That's all I had to give All I had to give Was an empty hope and promises But in return He gave me joy That could never be told And"
  • No return - MortiFication
    "Welcome to the Kingdom of God You've made the best choice for your life Now you'll never be alone 'Cause He always will be with you It's easy to fall and sin But that won't please the Master So stay"
  • In return - Shola Ama
    "Tell me just what you want in return You never know what Im thinking babe Tell me what you want I might want the same Its been a while Since Ive had someone who really cares about me And then came you"
  • Ash return - Ignite
    "Guess again everyone Who just lft us for dead What did you really expect That wed never come back Well we did Well we did Well we did Youd better take another look These are the faces that you forgot When"
  • No return - Gamma Ray
    "I'm riding the wind, don't need your requestYou'd never invite me but I will be your guestOh no, no don't be afraid of the reaperIt's time to go I call your name and you followFly with meTake a look around"
  • Return Home - Honey Is Cool
    "The darker part of me again, leaving while sleeping making you far away The dark caught up with me again I tried to leave while you were sleeping, it has never been this far away Wouldn't it be great"
  • Coin Return - AF1
    "AF1 Miscellaneous Coin Return i have slipped and i have fallen so far down i can't get out. overwhelmed by my doubt. things i said i'd never do i've done. those i said i'd never be i've become. i have"
  • Carriage Return - Belson
    "Do you feel safe, beneath the stares of dim lit lights? Never hearing the numbing whispers, The knowing calls and unknown response. You've got a way with words but no way out - I know you've said this"
  • No return - Tarot
    "God knows I love youMeaning I love you as much as I canHow could you trust meI should've saidI'm not the right kind of manDon't wanna tell more liesDon't wanna blind your eyesWe can't go on, our time has"
  • No Return - Canibus
    "No return... Yo, scientists gather in a secret place to debate They photographed the Earth from space and saw my face They tried to translate the innate asiatic shape before the final earthquakes"

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