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you own change

  • Change - Fishbone
    "There's a light on a hill That's far out in the distance And it calls out my name It calls out for a change Far away voices That want their own choices Sigh for a plea As it calls out for a change Ooh"
  • Change - Pink Cream 69
    "You can take my soul And you can rape my mind Play the starring role So thick with fright You can smash it all For your own delight And you can sell it all For a ticket out of here You need change In"
  • Change - George
    "Freedom flight fancy, Fresh home, love feeling escape, truth, happiness dreaming and knowing I've got to keep the flow I'm ready to know, about magnolia Focus on the garbage art News of a shock"
  • Change - Jamestown Story
    "Everyone is watching Everyone is waiting Everywhere we look now all there is, is hating We just have no tolerance We don't compromise All we are is worthless objects in our own damn eyes! Carring for"
  • Change - One True Thing
    "An old farmhouse stands alone, garage tacked to its side. Old man inside keeps telling me he wants to die. Says, 'I don't got much these days... just some photos and a clock, reminding me how fast the"
  • Change - Spark
    "Have you ever sat and watched the world go by Have you ever wondered what makes time fly Did you ever wish you could re-live what you've done Did you ever hear but chose to run (chorus) Why do we live"
  • Change - IdleMiND
    "I walk in silence I speak only to myself alone I break from pressure To pressure again and again on my own I pierce the surface I'm weak, but that's just because I'm alone I dream of freedom But that's"
  • Change - Das EFX
    "Intro/Chorus: (*sample of Queen's "Sail Away Sweet Sister"*) Hey little babe, you're changin Babe are you feelin sore? Ain't no use in dancin Don't wanna play no more *repeat x3* Verse 1: Drayz Well yo,"
  • Change - Lloyd Banks
    "Yeaaaa..uhhh I like the way that sounds uh uh N-N-N-N-N-N-Nooowww Check Check (Verse 1) Nigga you feelin like a frog when you jump One leap will bring ya from the bar to the trunk From the trunk to the"
  • Change  - Lloyd Banks
    "Yeaaaa..uhhh I like the way that sounds uh uh N-N-N-N-N-N-Nooowww Check Check Nigga you feelin like a frog then jump One leap will bring ya from the bar to the trunk From the trunk to the dump Ima rain"
  • Change You Or Change Me - Fabolous
    "You know what? Everybody goes through some changes in life Some poeple change for the better, some poeple change for the worse But umm, some people need to make that change You know what I mean? Change"
  • Own Ways - Bars And Melody
    "She call me crazy But i know i can’t change Baby saying that i am caught up in my own ways There’s a couple things about me That i know you hate But if we can’t figure it out We go our own way Stuck up"
  • Own Up - Sweet
    "Hey mr.operator I'm looking after number one Look whats she done I really gotta talk to her She was the insdebater I'm gonna take more care next time Loves number nine I gotta get my message thru Own up,"
  • Own Up - The Sweet
    "A mister operator I'm looking after number one Look what she's done I've really gotta talk to her She was the instigator I'm gonna take more care next time Loves on the line I gotta get my message through Chorus Own"
  • My Own - Kwabs
    "Fall into me, I got you now I won't give up, never let you down Let's get it straight, it's time to choose I came to play, don't play to loose Turn the next to me Now I can get in the change I've got the"
  • Won't Change - Sofia Loell
    "I know you don't agree with some of the things I do I know you don't always understand I know you look at me a bit funny now and then But I won't change my mind because of you - no I won't change my mind"
  • Change Me - Twisted Method
    "You can't accept me for who I am I try so hard to get you to understand I don't know if I can take this pain anymore cause my heart has been torn What did I do to be treated this way? You keep beating"
  • Small Change - Tom Waits
    "Small Change got rained on with his own thirty-eight, And nobody flinched down by the arcade And the marquees weren't weeping, they went stark-raving mad, And the cabbies were the only ones that really"
  • Seasons Change - Crystal Lewis
    "Are you going through a dry spell? yes, I've been there before Where the trees are slowly whithering Where their roots cry out for more where the desert floor is dry and cracked No clouds hang in the"
  • Little Change - FFH
    "You've seen it all before You open up the door and I just turn away Walk the other way You offer so much more than I could ever ask for But I say thanks anyway I go on and on alone Make believing I can"

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