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you say do you love me but you don't be marry me

  • Marry me - Vandals
    "Young girl says to her mom, "How did you know that father was the one?" Then mom just rolls her eyes She says, "You'll find that special guy" but to herself she cannot lie She says, "I'm praying for the"
  • Marry Me - Jason Derulo
    "A hundred and five is the number That comes to my head When I think of all the years I wanna be with you Wake up every morning with you in my bed That's exactly what I plan to do And you know one of theses"
  • Marry Me - St. Vincent
    "Marry me, John Marry me, John I'll be so good to you You won't realize I'm gone Marry me, John Marry me, John I'll be so sweet to you You won't realize I'm gone You won't realize I'm gone Many people"
  • Marry Me - Train
    "Forever can never be long enough for me Feel like I've had long enough with you Forget the world now we won't let them see But there's one thing left to do Now that the weight has lifted Love has surely"
  • Marry Me - Exit 159
    "I don't wanna be a housewife don't wanna do your laundry and I don't want to see your face when you've been onery but it could be so special it would be like magic we could be together I would be so happy marry"
  • Marry Me - Drive By Truckers
    "Well, my daddy didn't pull out, but he never apologized Rock and Roll means well, but it can't help tellin' young boys lies. A baby on the way's a good enough reason to get you out alive Get you out"
  • Marry Me - Nightmare Of You
    "I felt a love of such deafening weight Dangling from a ballustrade of shilly-shally Overlooking infinity and this ecstasy Of you lying next to me And in a peculiar way you clutched me By the shoulder,"
  • Will You Marry Me - Alabama
    "I come here today, I'm kind of nervous You know how words get in my way It should come easy, I've been rehearsing I don't know why I'm so afraid to say Will you marry me? Put our love and life together Will"
  • Marry Me - Neil Diamond
    "Say that you'll marry me Sometimes carry me And I will be there forever more For you And if you marry me I will give every thing And I will do anything That you need Me to You'll know by the love in"
  • Marry Me - Dean Martin
    "MARRY ME (Les Reed - Barry Mason) '70 Jewel Music I'm coming back back home to you And I know now for sure that my wandering day is through I've been around most every place But all that I ever see"

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