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you say hello

  • Say Hello - Travis
    "Just a little prayer Living in my mouth Wish you were here Could be somehow This game is lost You're feeling low Not strong enough To let it go Say hello Say hello Say hello Into this heart I put my"
  • Say Hello - April Wine
    "I won't go livin' in the past But I believe that love can last That you'd always remain After all, we're still the same Take me high, take me high Say hello Take me high, take me high Say hello, say hello,"
  • Say Hello - Heart
    "I'd like to know when you will say hello When will it be I'd like to see you know When will you change your mind and say hello? Something is sending all sensations high Someone is calling clearly to"
  • Say Hello - Frank Sinatra
    "(S.Cahn, R.Behrke) Just say hello to a brand new world, the world outside your door, Say hello to a singing bird, like no bird you heard before, It's all there, go and grab your share, life is a great"
  • Say Hello - Fonzie
    "Good bye, so sorry I gotta go Bring you back, hold you tight it's all I want Don't leave me believe me my eyes will stand on you you feel me and you need it you know my life is you I don't wanna stay"
  • Say Hello - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill, Pete Wasner) I walk down these lonely strets and try to find you In all the same old places we use to go And the old friends that I meet still ask about you And they tell me if I see you"
  • Say Hello - Drugstore
    "To all the crazy people who are walking in the rain To every single young girl who is waiting for a man And to every desperado who is looking for a friend To all the lonely strangers who think life is"
  • Say Hello - The Sol
    "Spread a little love, spread a litte love, say: hello /x2 You wanna walk around this town and feel like I; not alone so much more. People keep on passing by I try to see it all in all. If bread and"
  • Say Hello - News
    "Shalala... Kimi wa jibun wo motto shinjite iin da Bokura wa konseiki shotou wo ikani kazarou ka? Toriaezu mou kakko tsukeru no wa akite shimattanda Say Hello Hello Hello sekai no koibito tachi yo & Bye"
  • Say Hello - Jay-Z
    "uh, uh, uh this that roc-a-fella music {soulfull} (Chorus 2x) (say hello) to the bad guy (hello) they say imma bad guy i come from the bottom, but now im mad fly (hello) they say imma menace that's"
  • Say Hello - Soft Cell
    "Standing in the door of the pink flamingo crying in the rain. It was a kind of so-so-love and I'm gonna make sure It never happens again. You and I - it had to be the standing toke of the year You were"
  • Say Hello - P.O.D.
    "Oh, yeah, yeah, Come on! Walked in the place, and everybody looked down at we Disgust on their face, but we don't mind cause we're too busy smiling Never get in my face, that's not the way to understanding And"
  • Say Hello - Texas
    "I can never get by without saying hello And I will never pass you by I'm never letting go with a simple goodbye 'Cause I will never let you go And I will love you And I will hold you I know that you care"
  • Say Hello - Breathe
    "Outside in a winter world sits a woman all alone. It's not the air that seems so cold, it's the love she's never known. Outside in a winter world one lonely child roams. Will ever loving arms unfold to"
  • Hello - Christina Aguilera
    "Does it ever feel like no one is with you no one sees it your way everyone's against you But its your life Gotta keep the faith hold your vision you will find your way I may not fit the mold may not do"
  • Hello - James
    "You and me Play this song, the vision Hope to make this love stretch forever Don't let go in this now or never Hope there's change enough to say... Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello You"
  • Hello - Amen
    "Rise up and be discarded Rise up to the misunderstood Rise up and be discarded Rise up to the misunderstood misunderstood We've got dogs with pets, man who begs It's so nice to feed you We've bought dogs"
  • Hello - Guy Sebastian
    "I've been alone with you inside my mind And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times Sometimes I feel that my heart will overflow (yeh yeh) Hello, I just got to let you know I can see it in"
  • Hello - Martin Solveig
    "I could stick around and get along with you Hello, oh, oh, oh It doesn't really mean that I'm into you Hello, oh, oh, oh You're alright but I'm here, darling, to enjoy the party Don't get too excited"
  • Hello - Take That
    "i'd watch the world go by in the morning loose myself in the the news, looks like the cost of houses are falling but i dont notice i'd write a long love song with no meaning and hope nobody would hear,"

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