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you smile i smile

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you smile i smile

  • Smile - Max Mutzke
    "In my world, I'm walking on a tightrope Yes I feel like living here without scope Then you crash into my life, like a bullet From the sky And I knew I have seen So many different faces Yes I knew from Many"
  • Smile - Meg Donnelly
    "And that’s a good mood How you feelin like you gettin in a good groove Feelin better than you’re feelin in a while I just wanna make you smile (smile, smile, smile) You light me up Electricity like every"
  • Smile - Kelly Rowland
    "I know you've been through it all it's al tough but i know pretty baby you have to let yourself shine in and out up and down, so why don't you? (Chorus) Smile, Smile, Smile, shine, shine, shine (Repeat"
  • Smile - Junior Kelly
  • Smile - David Sanborn
    "And it was all in your smile and it threw me off sky for awhile but when i looked up you were gone. It was all in your smile, something I hadn't found for awhile but when i woke up you were gone. (Ooo"
  • Smile - Pearl Jam
    "don't it make you smile? don't it make you smile? when the sun don't shine? (shine at all) don't it make you smile? don't it make you smile? don't it make me smile? when the sun don't shine, it don't shine"
  • Smile - B2K
    "By Marques Houston Yeah whats up girl how you doin look my name is mh you know what I'm sayin \and a I think you cute and all but a I just wanna see you smile Verse Theres one thing that I must say"
  • Smile - Hazel O'Connor
    "Hazel O`Connor - Neil O'Connor I swim across A sea of broken dreams I know that scene drownin's as easy as it seems Yeah I know, I smile and let it go I smile and let it go I smile across I try and dance"
  • Smile - Sabrina Carpenter
    "Things aren't going your way And it's written all over your face And you're not even looking for the better days Cause you think that there's nothing left No But you can feel the sun You can hear the"
  • Smile - Marques Houston
    "Yea,wuts up girl,how u doin'?, Look my name is MH know what I'm sayin', I think u real cute and all but uh I just Wanna see you smile,check this out There's one thing that I must say, Baby that I care"
  • Smile - Ann Winsborn
    "Wake up in the morning something is just not right their beddings are empty where did you sleep last night? Although I'm afraid that you're seeing someone new My heart fills with sunshine each time I look"
  • Smile - Na'Shay
    "Whatever smile, smile, smile, smile (Verse 1) Somethin bout the way that you look at me tell me, i gotta know what it is you see i'm wonderin could it be that you feel the same do you get butterflies"
  • Smile - Lily Allen
    "When you first left me I was wanting more But you were fucking that girl next door What ya do that for? (What ya do that for?) When you first left me I didn't know what to say I've never been on my own"
  • Smile - THE VAMPS
    "Kick out the fuss You know you get in my dear Smile for me girl Don't you shed a tear Give me all back Cut me it bit of slack Tell me you're never gonna leave me poor I'm on the other side with the greener"
  • Smile - Will Powers
    "Just smile, just a smile Just smile, just a smile Just smile Just because the morning's sunny To say hello, to say good-bye Maybe something strikes you funny Or you don't know exactly why Ain't no reason"
  • Smile - Ashbury Heights
    "When you smile I'm in denial Just for a while I'd wish for you to see When you smile I can't prevent My descent Into epiphany And you'll never know Just how much I'd never show I need your touch When"
  • Smile - Josh Rouse
    "I know this sounds absurd Let me start this verse Your passion has slown you down In a corner you sit on a chair Where's that shirt you wear That makes you look so soft (and full) And I won't ask for"
  • Smile - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick/G. Sanctuary) Chorus: I can't feel the rain Feel no pain When your smile is on me Chase the clouds away Happy sunshine day When your smile is on me Chorus I want you here forever Won't you"
  • Smile - Olive
    "Smile, you'll steal away my soul Smile, I'll hide away and cry My mind's made up I will shudder to see your eyes Smile no doubt I'll keep my pride But It may be hard to find There's nothing left Handed"
  • Smile - Simply Red
    "You make me smile glowing shine You make me glad to be alive With love that's easy to survive The girl that i lost when i was blew Has confirmed my heart grows stronger When there's you Cause you make"

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