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you smile you've got together tonight

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you smile you've got together tonight

  • You've Got A Way - Martha Wainwright
    "When you are gone I'll cry When you are gone I'll cry But until then I'll crack a smile I'll stay dry for as long as I can Oh baby you've got a way with me I will go home tonight And rest my head on the"
  • You've Got To Go - The Church
    "There's a distant light shining over you tonight You've been transformed, you'll always be my storm In the Tuscan dusk you're swooning under moons of musk You touch the texture of the tiles and miles away A"
  • Smile - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Smile when you cum Cum as you please Smile when you cum Oh won't you cum for me Smile when you cum Cum as you please Smile when you cum I hope you never leave Relax and follow me I can make you feel"
  • Smile - Arcwelder
    "(w. graber) And all you want to do is smile And take it everywhere you've been Advice like yours a moral play I'd walk from hear to here you say And death's not knowing that your dead Never life or fear"
  • Smile - Hanson
    "Well this feeling that you're feeling Is something I know you've felt before When I see you I want to hold you Till the end of time and a little bit more And I'm not gonna let it go You've got to let"
  • Smile - David Byrne
    "Smile when tears are falling from your eyes Smile like windows of the shops at night Here - everything is as it seems All - the tables and the chairs seem real Here - paintings on the walls Somehow make"
  • Smile - Quasi
    "Common as the cold - Up for sale, never sold. Getting older & it shows; Your disappointment only grows. & no one seems to care that you never got your share - Who said life was fair? So smile - it's not"
  • Smile - Yukmouth
    "f/ C-Bo, CJ Mac * send corrections to the typist Yuk, what, thug lord, regime West coast, Yukmouth, Mac Mac, uh, check (Verse 1: C-Bo) Mission arrives upon all means, all the cream Baddest bitches you"
  • Smile - Remy Zero
    "v.1: I may not smile, as you turn and walk away, my heart just falls, on every word you say. I will not fight, cause you will not listen. bridge: And no i never lead my troops to war. And no i never"
  • Give 'Em All You've Got (Tonight) - Leslie Phillips
    "Verse 1: Hot restless night, headed for trouble You stand alone in the crowd You know His love but they think you're crazy But don't be afraid to tell them They're just dying to know They're blindly falling"
  • Tonight - Freezepop
    "meet at the disco get on your feet baby let's go come feel the heat electric glow dance to the beat you're a pro I can see it in your eyes no goodbyes, no disguise from your sighs and then the temperature"
  • You've Got It - Bratz
    "You've got it, Something like no one else, you can tell, That you've got it, The way that you sparkle, The way that you shine Got the look, attitude, Yes and you've got the style....it shows, The way"
  • You've Got It - Piper Billie
    "I.Green/J.McLaughlin You've got what I want You've got what I need One touch from you Brings me to my knees You've got what I want Baby can't you see That no-one else Will do for me It's three a.m. no"
  • Tonight - Seether
    "I'm not gonna waste this This opportunity's mine I'm sick of complaining About a beautiful life How did we get here? Did we forget all the things inside? And how do we stay here? Do we embrace all the"
  • Tonight - FlipBoy
    "(Intro) This for all the beautiful ladies out there, Me & Sammy wanna let all you ladies know how we feel, We want y'all to feel special tonight, We love you all. Every woman needs love, Who wants"
  • You've Got It - Ken Hensley
    "You want it, you've got it It's all yours, the American dream One by one, two by two We all step out into the human zoo Three by three and four by four We've all got ours but we still want more Six by"
  • Together - Mad Skillz
    "Yo, yo, I spit six of rap figures, get your (shit) together Require some (shit) to stitch your lips together My click stick together, mic rip together Move no bricks or I make hits to flip my cheddar No"
  • Together - Satanic Surfers
    "The tour has just begun, yeah, I've only been gone for a week now but it feels like forever and I miss having you near me, I miss the sight of your smile Got a few more weeks to go (Few more weeks to go) Just"
  • Together - Reef
    "Does anybody care for us? Does anybody need for us? Will anybody take an offered hand? Does anybody give for us? "Man you're so strong" what a thing to say! But I'm sorry I need you today. But if I go,"
  • Together Tonight - Mr. T Experience
    "There was a time when I had you back I let it go by fear prejudice pride melancholy or tact I don't really know why when there was nothing but time I let it go by what am I coughing up I don't even know"

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