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you walk after stay,baby am try,baby am cry


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you walk after stay,baby am try,baby am cry

  • I Am - Airlock
    "I don't talk, the way that you talk I don't walk, the way that you walk I don't see, the way that you see I don't feel, the way that you feel I don't think, the way that you think I don't sing, the way"
  • I Am The I Am - Jackyl
    "I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am the I am I am I am the I am I am now I am now where I wanna be No longer under your rule, your thumb, I am now"
  • Cry Baby - Gino Vannelli
    "Cry baby shed a thousand tears Cry baby 'til all the dry land disappears You can sugar-coat the truth With all sweetness and light You can beg me for mercy But pardon my spite Cry it's your turn tonight Cry"
  • Cry baby - Gino Vanelli
    "Cry baby shed a thousand tearsCry baby 'til all the dry land disappearsYou can sugar-coat the truthWith all sweetness and lightYou can beg me for mercyBut pardon my spiteCry it's your turn tonightCry baby"
  • Cry baby - Mariah Carey
    "When I think of our untimely endAnd everything we could have beenI cry, baby I cryOk so it's 5 am andI still can't sleepI took some medicineBut it's not workingSomeone's clinging to meAnd it's bittersweet'Cause"
  • Am What I Am - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Poppy, Slim Thug) This is ghetto reality in Texas.. You see I am what I am, and it is what it is You'd feel how I feel, if you been where I been Live what I live, see what I see So get out my"
  • I Am - Nicole C. Mullen
    "I Am At the end of every rainbow There's a promise proven true No matter how you're feeling now or what you go through There will be somebody lovin' you Deeper than the grandest canyon And higher than"
  • I Am - Diffuser
    "Take what you can when you can Cuz the life you have will pass you by I never should have left all my trust in some one Who would leave me hangin by a thread, watch me as I hang I am faith, I am hate I"
  • Am I Losing You ? - Chant
    "Chante Moore Love Supreme Am I Losing You ? (chante moore / simon a. law / ross anderson / vaneta thompson) You've got my heart in your hand, I gave it to you i know, i understand, I'm strong you know,"
  • Am I Losing You - Chant??? Moore
    "You've got my heart in your hand I gave it to you I know, I understand I'm strong you know, that's how I am Tell me the truth, I'll take it like a man Don't want you to leave me And I don't wanna leave"
  • Here I Am - Freddie Hart
    "I wandered from your arms enchanted by another's charms But now too late I see that you're the one I need Here I am again on my knees again Begging please again here I am I made you cry again I broke your"
  • I Am - Mary J. Blige
    "Hey no... noo oh Ain't nobody gonna treat you better Ain't nobody gonna touch you better Ain't nobody gonna love you better boy than I am Than I am When your out at night and your in the streets And you"
  • I Am - Moon Of Steel
    "What I am I would be if I could I've a soul Try to shout my own prayer But I cry without a voice and tears You can't choose what I'll be... ...I am Who needs it, what is the use? You win the prize paying"
  • 3 Am - Poets Of The Fall
    "More than you know it I'm awareOf this connection that we shareI know it seems like sometimes I don't careBut you are the colors that I wearIt's been a few hours, nearly dawnYou've been real quiet all"
  • I Am - Jonny Lang
    "If being in love means waiting around So that you can dance with me I am, I am If being in love means follow the leader Then this will have to be I am, I am, I am, I am Baby I am So in love with you I"
  • I Am - Nelly Furtado
    "I think I've been here before Yeah I've been right here With you walking out the door And I won't fight it I think you already know Don't try to hide it You know this time I will go And I won't come back You"
  • I am - 3rd Wish
    "Intro: everything youll ever need intro chorus: i am, i am im everything youll ever need so understand if i am your man i can heal your broken heart and make it beat again 1st verse: i really like what"
  • Here I Am - No Authority
    "Hey Baby, hey I can't change your mind But if I got to let you go that's what I'll do But I know it's not right (Yeah) Give me some time (Cmon) Girl I only wanted all that's best for you True love has"
  • I Am ... - Vacant Stare
    "Wonder back to where you were at, you'll find me You f**king idiot what you got see Wasn't really me just a shadow of what I could've been And then multiply Into a ruthless, an over bad, another sad"
  • Sam I Am - Sammy Hagar
    "Tried to be your paper boy Tried to be your boy scout Tried to be your ice cream man I could not be your soldier Or even drive your bus My skills weren't always that obvious Yeah, but I hope you understand I'll"

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