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you wanna go want you to know its okey always olone

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you wanna go want you to know its okey always olone

  • Okey - Big Brovaz
    "Okey flawless: (HAHA) wrists - ok? car outside the bar - ok! Big bro blowing up!!! (HAHA) parties on tonight y'all OK now let me tell you what this song is all about Party people let me hear you scream"
  • Yeah, okey - Sophie Zelmani
    "Darkness, if Im gonna spend All my time with you Youve got to be my friend If I wanna be all alone with you Ive got to feel your hand And whenever we see light outside Weve got to let it in And we must"
  • I Want You to Know - Riddlin' Kids
    "I see you all the time I can't go anywhere without you walking by me And I think I must have lost my mind Cause that coincidence could never happen every single day I'll be leaving outta town on Tuesday I'll"
  • Okey papa - The Kelly Family
    "Okey kids, its your world now I believe in you, so dont let me down Never doubt your powers, no not you She told me to do a super job So give us all you have Okey Papa, its our world now We believe"
  • Always Wanna Be With You - 1st Lady
    "Chorus: I dont ever wanna lose you baby I always wanna be with you All you gotta do is learn to trust me And I promise that I will stay true I dont ever wanna lose you baby Always wanna be with you All"
  • It's okey - The Game
    "Dre, I see dead people Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood The Yo, Dre Thought I was Dead West coast One blood Game I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga dre shot ya It Brought me back from the dead,"
  • You Can Always Go - Jagged Edge
    "(feat. Blaque & R.O.C.) Ooh, ooh Come on, come on, come on [1] - Yo you can always go I'm saying yo If you ain't with it You can split it baby Yo forgive me I am not for you Gotta let you know Baby"
  • Know You Wanna - 3rd Edge
    "Come on yeah, Ahh-ye.. yeah, oh yeah Girl I wanna be your lover Anytime, anywhere you discover Girl I feel ya, I aint tryin' to be clever 'Cause if you ain't doin' me right girl, you're doin' me wrong Girl"
  • Wanna Know You - Manafest
    "You won't call, won't talk What's wrong with ye We used talk, go for walks Now I don't see ye It's not the same, like the days When we used to meet up You've changed in a way Like you got secrets You won't"
  • Do You Wanna Know? - Alkaline Trio
    "So hello where are we today Still fighting, still running in place And now the outline of this lake Seems to be pointing me away Honestly, Ive never lied more To myself all over the floor Right through"
  • You Know You Want It - Dr. Octagon
    "(Kool Keith) Girls, I'm slappin 'em up Pimp smackin 'em up, anger management President, better than ediment{?} Sweetness by slickness you with this You witness the lonely the misfits On them place and"
  • Wanna Get To Know You - G-Unit
    "I wanna get to know you I really wanna fuck you, baby One dose of my lovin' I'm simply going to drive you crazy I wanna be your lover I wanna get to know you, baby One dose of my lovin' I'm really gonna"
  • You Know You Wanna - Eden's Crush
    "(Talking) Im addicted to you* Promise me This night wont be the last time Baby wrap ur arms around me An let me hold u tight In the middle of the evening Ill make you feel alright Is it ur eyes? Is it"
  • I Really Wanna Know You - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Jagged Edge, Faboulous) DJ Clue Desert Storm Jagged Edge Come and talk to me I really wanna meet you girl I really wanna know name whoa, come and talk to me i really wanna meet you girl i"
  • I Want You Know - Feeling
    "Its never gonna work I don't know what I'm doing in here My inners go berserk Everytime your voice gets near But when I get under control I see you ache for it and all I get some sugar for your bowl I"
  • Is It All Okey? - The Muffs
    "Out of it and out of time And out of everything I can't believe it's true And I can't believe I can't believe in you You've gone away And I am already looking for a way And I know that I can't Waste another"
  • I Want You To Know - Kim Lukas
    "Tu tu, tu tu tu tu tu tuu-hu Tu tu, tu tu tu tu tu tuu-hu... I want you to know that what I feel When I'm with you is real it's true When I think of you and me and all that We can be it makes me smile And"
  • I Want You To Know - Lifehouse
    "When will the cycle stop When will the story end This is where I get lost I can't go there anymore Its to hard to ignore the signs where do these tears come from it feels like they never dry what have"
  • Just Want You To Know - Backstreet Boys
    "Looking at your picture from when we first met You gave me a smile that I could never forget And nothing I could do could protect me from you that night Wrapped around your finger, always on my mind The"
  • I Hope That Its You - Donell Jones
    "1 Someone who can satisfy My every little need Im hoping its you Ive been waiting for someone To come make love to me Im hoping its you I wonder if you qualify To give me love and affection Cause"

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