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you wap crown

  • Crown - Camila Cabello & Grey
    "Been sitting on your tongue for ages Words dripping off your mouth, contagious, uh-oh, uh-oh No skin off your back to blame us Now waiting on the world to save us, uh-oh, uh-oh Baby on fire I see you"
    "[?] Thorn headaches and something on my head [?] Who I am? [?] Who you are? [?] [?] But I love it [?] But I love it [?] [?] [?] In the sunset [?] [?] Who you are? [?] [?] But I love it [?] But"
  • Crown - Samael
    "If eyes are the mirror of the soul You will find in mine the scorn and apathy You will read my hatred as in a curs'd book You will see yourself as I see you It is a mirror sombre and opaque Which protects"
  • Crown - The Connells
    "The crown is off the one ahead of you you down and out and side step through been pounding out the crowded streets ten o'clock in the morning the streets rising up your head is ringing and everything..."
  • Crown - Irish Celebration
    "The crown is off the one ahead of youYou down and out and side step throughBeen pounding out the crowded streetsTen oclock in the morningThe streets rising upYour head is ringingAnd everything...Gonna"
  • Crown - Mason Jennings
    "I took the train up from illinoisI was following through on a letter you sentI always feared that you'd be trueTrue to yourself to the bitter endIt just kinda happened, or so she saysShe was drinking and"
  • WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B
    "I said certified freak 7 days a week Wet-ass pussy, make that pullout game weak Yeah /4x Yeah, you fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy Give me everything you"
  • Cripples Crown - The Coral
    "Unopened door On the 13th floor Conspiracy in the corridors I'll take you down Down to cripples crown What should you say? What can you do? Satellites are watching you I'll take you down Down to cripples"
  • Crown Royal - Jill Scott
    "Your hands on my hips Pull me right back to you I catch that thrust Give it right back to you You're in so deep I'm breathin' for you You grab my braids Arch my back high for you Your diesel engine I'm"
  • Emerald crown - Therion
    "During the war that took place in Heaven The brightest of Star lost his precious crown It fell down to earth and was buried deep From that very time man has searched for it Son of dawn lost the crown in"
  • The Crown - Gary Byrd
    "People of the world wherever you be welcome to Cosmic YOUniversity. Where life is the journey and love is the trip And the study of them will make you hip. I'm professor of the rap and when I speak I"
  • Cotton Crown - Sonic Youth
    "Love has come to stay in all the way Its gonna stay forever and every day It feels like a wish coming true It feels like an angel dreaming of you Feels like heaven forgiving and getting Feels like we're"
  • Triple Crown - Kevin Fowler
    "So bartender set me up with the triple crown Double ain't enough when I'm feelin' this down I'll celebrate the misfortune I've found With my own version of the triple crown Well I'd gone to the racetrack"
  • General's Crown - My Diet Pill
    "And if I travel space at the speed of light It's to find you And if the only trace, what you have left Was a warm embrace And if the general's crown was a crown of nails You'll be whispering a strange"
  • Crooked Crown - The Anniversary
    "Oh, until tomorrow, I wear this crooked crown To balance the power Telling me to dance the night away, now Dance the night away oh oh oh yeah I wear this crooked crown Come close, you've never been so"
  • Salt Crown - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
    "Now I have your shoes Today I wear your old black shirt I have the things that I gave to you But soon I'll be ready to give them back Come and get them Shale-skin, salt-crown, slate-feather, corpse-down Stone-blood,"
  • Wizard's Crown - Blind Guardian
    "Years ago I came back This has been my hardest attack A burning fire's in my brain I could feel the deadly flame Tales of the magic in my head To a dark dream I fall in my mind I hold the key of fortune To"
  • The Crown - Honeydogs
    "Come hell Or hot water You're going down And easy, lies the head That wears the crown You forgot your (peas and cubes) Because you paid your dues Doesn't make it alright And there's a bug at your window"
  • Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons
    "Touch my mouth and hold my tongue I’ll never be your chosen one I’ll be home, safe and tucked away You can’t tempt me if I don’t see the day The pull on my flesh was just too strong stifles the choice"
  • The Crown - Madball
    "I won't walk away from you, not like this I have unfinished business We went away for a minute, I know Two years and a minute I suppose, here we go Back on this journey again For worse or for better, we"

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