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your own reality

  • Own Reality - Dying For Extra Lives
    "the lights are on but youre not home you drifted off somewhere alone somewhere thats safe no questions here a quiet place where you hide from your fears sometimes when youre out of rope the way to climb"
  • Your Own Reality - Kai Tracid
    "Distorted voice: your own reality we all came tonight - to this celebration because we are a part of the new generation close your eyes - and you can see it this world of music - that makes you high"
  • Your Own Reality - Paradise Lost
    "All that's lost never found, remains of all this... Never crossed are the ones that see Taken to the ground, because you're honest Stripped and bound for your honesty It's in your heart, it's in your"
  • My Own Reality - Dunnery Francis
    "I believe in a happy land where the people die so we can understand I still don't know if I'm for sure but I hold a faith that what I feel is right If you believe that your number one very soon you'll"
  • Reality - The Berzerker
    "The uncreative juices flow from all but a selective few and even those they tend to be wasted, you have taken pride in a lifeform that you think you know but what you do not know is it's rotting, it is"
  • Reality - Staind
    "The lights are on but you're not home You've drifted off somewhere alone Somewhere that's safe No questions here A quiet place Where you hide from your fears Sometimes when you're out of rope The way"
  • Life Is A Perception Of Your Own Reality - Chiodos
    "I'd like to take this time to detach my jaw, And really take a look. I think that I'm done. Put away this old guitar, And on my way out, Hang my vocal chords up on the door. If I could just do these things (If"
  • Absolute Reality - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Standards Absolute Reality Hey now now Hey hey hey You may be rich You may be poor You may have nothing in this world at all You may be black,you maybe white You may be a prisioner in your"
  • Absolute Reality - The Alarm
    "Hey now now Hey hey hey You may be rich You may be poor You may have nothing in this world at all You may be black,you maybe white You may be a prisioner in your own times You may be lost. You may be"
  • Virtual Reality - Magellan
    "Experience machines that know your thoughts and know your dreams a better way of seeing things you won't believe it's real Interact, you and I-there's a feeling lost we can't deny I've opened up. We"
  • My Reality - Jordan Pruitt
    "uh yay... yayayaya haha I'm not trying to pretend I'm not for 1 to givin in To do anything does to be your friend Whatever you expect from me Think of about it carefully Before this relationship"
  • Reality Tv - Nine Days
    "Joe Millionaire he lived a life that was fair He worked construction all though he wasn't happy there But down in the alley at the street fair he saw a necklace with a vodoo charm of monkey hair he was"
  • Morbid reality - Therion
    "Oppression in your country takes you Soon they will be able to rule you too Onslaught from the east will come soon Mesmerized you think it's a boon You will be sacrificed Clammy dungeons await Addle in"
  • Reality Asylum - Crass
    "I am no feeble Christ, not me He hangs in glib delight upon his cross, upon his cross, Above my body, lowly me Christ forgive, forgive? Holy He, He holy, He holy? Shit He forgives, Forgive? Forgive? I?"
  • Reality - Asia
    "(Downes/Payne) It's down your wire, it's on your screen Pirate satellite, next to MTV Insert your hand, subscription free It's reality Put on the suit, connect the chord Free mind of city life, just"
  • Reality? - Voivod
    "Struggling through this Disturbing life Surviving is the only way to understand the reasons why each of us live riding the blind tension will pull you down beneath way underground you shall remain using"
  • Reality - Newsboys
    "Mom and Dad I'm fine, how are you? I have joined a small circus That much is true I'm a little malnourished But try to relax Could you find a better photo For the milk carton backs? Send money Runaway Where's"
  • Reality - Newboys
    "Mom and Dad,I'm fine, how are you?I have joined a small circus,that much is true.I'm a litte malnourished,but try to relax,could you find a better photo for the milk carton backs?Send money...Run awayWhere's"
  • Reality - Da Youngsta's
    "Whispering: Reality, reality, it's reality Reality, reality, reality, its reality (3X) Well I get up in the morning shower up and take a drive I'm feeling kinda good cause its good to be alive The"
  • Reality - Aswad
    "Sometimes life so hard but don't give up you can win Sometimes life impossible can't seem to get nothing done Every move you make something always in your way now You try a little harder they'll be a brand"

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