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your so traffic and i was find my way to make this time

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your so traffic and i was find my way to make this time

  • Traffic - Mari
    "This is the third time this week that i find myself wandering down your street and i can't seem to give it up i've even stopped making these excuses for why you're stuck here in my thoughts when it's been"
  • Traffic Light - Justincase
    "I was guessing what it feels like To have a girl that wants me Say exactly what she feels like So that I could see This traffic light I'm stopped at Tells me when to go With all of these mixed signals I"
  • Traffic Life - Time To Express
    "Oh! give me a pace on the traffic life, the traffic is stuck but we could see how clear we are inside.Lead me through best line from one to ten if other signs are inexact as long as we pretend. You might"
  • Find My Way - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Robin Andre) Tell me why I cant see where I'm goin No When everybody else sees Where I'm comin from And I don't know why I travel down these dead end roads I gotta turn this car around and find"
  • Traffic - Damhnait Doyle
    "waiting in traffic, like the rest I cursed the melting chocolate on my dress thinking, I could be halfway to Montreal insted im counting crows and trying not to stall, don't stall Waiting in traffic like"
  • Traffic - Lloyd Cole
    "did you get all that you wanted? then did you give it all away? did we take it all for granted? we`d really love for you to stay yes we would now the world is very old and the sky is very high and we`re"
  • One Way Traffic - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Come from the sun in San Marino Guess that makes me Angeleno Friends got married Had them dogs Now they read those catalogues This commerce makes me nauseas When did life get so damn cautious So I drive"
  • Find Your Way - Authority Zero
    "What did you want? What were you waiting to see? Just take a look around, youll find the same old story Im unconscious again finding a means to an end Im trying to forget all about forgotten So whats"
  • Find your way - Blood on the dance floor
    "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein Find. Your. Way. Find. Your. Way. I'm"
  • Traffic - Stereophonics
    "We all face the same way Still it takes all day I take a look to my left, pick out the worst and the best She paints her lip, greasy and thick Another mirror stare, and she's going where? Another office"
  • So I Could Find My Way - Enya
    "A thousand dreams you gave to me You held me high, you held me high And all those years you guided me So I could find my way How long your love had sheltered me You held me high, you held me high A harbor"
  • Find My Way - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
    "I'm watching myself cry Well I Just I'm on that side And I Take it by suprise And I apoligice Cuz I will always find my way I Think I found the way So stay You can make my day And I'll I'll stop claimiess And"
  • Find My Way - Eminem
    "I'm watching myself cry Well I just sighed my last sigh And I took you by surprise So why apologize 'cause I will always find my way I think I've found the way So stay You can make my day And I'm Stopping"
  • Find Your Way (Back In My Life) - Kem
    "So ask yourself this question...is this how love is suppose to be? And how is that you keep finding your way back in my life? Said I'm leavin' Have I made myself clear Everytime I find someone I find"
  • I Need 2 Find My Way - Lil' Flip
    "No where to go down these dead end roads I tried to flee, just to free my soul It's a sanction, which way to go I don't know(I don't know) I tried the highways, but the highways closed Now I'm blinded"
  • Traffic Jam - James Taylor
    "Damn this traffic jam, how I hate to be late, it hurts my motor to go so slow. Damn this traffic jam, time I get home my supper'll be cold, damn this traffic jam. Well I left my job about 5 o'clock, it"
  • Heavy Traffic - Status Quo
    "(Rossi / Young / Edwards) Everybody's been a long time talking Ain't nobody said a word that's true Ain't it time to stop this crap type talking Won't you tell us what you're gonna do Tell you what,"
  • No Traffic - All
    "You flush a fish down a toilet and look down to See your second hand is dead still. You think them somehow connected but you can't be Sure and it's just as well. What to do next when the shit piles up? You"
  • Traffic Tickets - Gadjits
    "traffic tickets get me down make me feel like i'm a clown speed limit, 25 no left turn i'm in a hurry see the light see the fine we're the ones that you don't like do you know how fast you were going? no"
  • Find A Way - SafetySuit
    "Hold on, What's the rush? What's the rush? We're... not done away Cause I don't need to change this... Atmosphere we made if you can stay one more hour Can you stay one more hour? You know I'm gonna"

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