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your song is my son

  • Son song - Soulfly
    "Sometimes I don't want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust Dust myself up and I scream at the sky It's been so hard but I can't let it"
  • My Son - Sicko
    "I feel sinking on the rise, and the faith shines from your eyes, my son how could you ever know? My own fear of failure, seems to surround your life life to you is nothing, to me it's fear and burden Prophesy And"
  • Come My Son - Her Personal Pain
    "come my son /persona "come my son awake it's time to go.i know it's hert tell me all you feel benith the preaty blanket..." father i'm in fear tonight i needed you.you shoulden't drink the wine "your"
  • He's My Son - Mark Schultz
    "I'm down on my knees again tonight I'm hoping this prayer will turn out right See there is a boy that needs your help I've done all that I can do myself His mother is tired I'm sure you can understand Each"
  • He's My Son - Shaun Groves
    "I'm down on my knees again tonight I'm hoping this prayer will turn out right See there is a boy that needs Your help I've done all that I can do myself His mother is tired I'm sure You can understnad Each"
  • Welcome my son - Adam Sandler
    "Welcome my son to your very first daySo proud to be the one Who brought you this wayI love you with all my heartAnd my love is here to stayBut I can't help worrying Will you eventually smoke weed?Soon"
  • Singing My Son - Christina Aguilera
    "Oohhh, Yeah, Oooh Huh I woke up this morning with a smile on my face & Nobody's gonna bring me down today Been feeling like nothings been going my way lately So I decided right here and now that my outlooks"
  • My Son Cool - Guided By Voices
    "Decide now! Decide now before you continue The list is complete without your permission I finally know how, I finally can't quit And ancient ideas are on fire, my love Completely the rope has been severed The"
  • Son - Scott Weiland
    "Coolness is staring at the sun Coolness is driving with my son Time and time again I'm not the man Time and time again I'm not the one Now go to sleep you little...child of mine I wish I had the beauty...you"
  • Son - The National
    "And if you follow me sonthe window wrap around youcarry from the groundyou will never be aloneYou wait one turn to sunlightthat's falling on a girlyou're still outside the worldShe's reading books from"
  • Son - Golden Smog
    "h ello mom, i'm f ine w here the sun is d ying how's the w eather 'ro und my o ld homet own you see no w orry about my l iving s ay that alls forg iven what's l ost is bo und to be fo und -the rest is"
  • Song Of The Forlorn Son - Insomnium
    "Wretched is my lot here, mirthless is my fate Alone to face the cruel winters, endure the dreary cold What is there to hope for, what is there to seek For this forsaken child, for this forlorn son Whose"
  • Father, Mother, Son - Motley Crue
    "Father, thanks for playin' with my friends and me I'm glad they got to meet the man I know You always knew the words and taught me honesty Picked me up when I was feeling low If I could talk to you one"
  • What Son What - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Capone-N-Noreaga) Lets keep it grimy! (get with that shit) What y'all niggaz get man? What y'all gets murder unit (murder unit) or burn unit (burn unit) Get a real fuckin life unit (real life"
  • The Prodigal Son - Two Gallants
    "Well, I've been a disclaimer for twenty-four years Poor mother drowned in a pillow of tears Im well known in story, famous in song The black sheep, the blemish, the one who went wrong The black sheep,"
  • Holla At Son - Screwed Up Click
    "(*talking*) S.U.C. (S.U.C.), Crock Bull ha-ha Big dogs out baby, Screwed Up Click H-A-dub-K, Pokey-Sensei (H.A.W.K.) Passing by haters, in my brand new Crentley That's the new Chrysler, the kind with"
  • Son Of Your Father - Elton John
    "I'll catch the tramline in the morning With your leave Van Bushell said He had further heard the cock crow As he stumbled out the shed Then blind Joseph came towards him With a shotgun in his arms He"
  • Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) - Janet Jackson
    "Ha ha Hoo hoo Thought you'd get the money too Greedy mutherfuckers Try to have your cake and eat it too Sharp shooter into breakin hearts A baby gigolo - a sex pistol Hollerin at everythin that walks No"
  • Young Son - Brand Nubian
    "young young son, yea, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, uh, dont let me down young son, uh huh, am trusting you young son, young son, dont let be down young son, uh huh, am"
  • Father, Son - Watashi Wa
    "father he raised us in the grace of god jeep wagoneer and blue grass songs he showed us all the things a proper father would and even more than the best of fathers do so father here is a song that i'm"

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