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yours truly

  • Yours Truly - Air Supply
    "(Graham Russell) Sometimes when I look at you, I wonder why you're here wth me I'm not the perfect lover and there 's other things I'd like to be you never ask for my applause I want you to know I'm"
  • Yours Truly - Aleesha Rome
    "And when I wake in the morning and, You're not here I, I start to search every moment and, Taste the tears Cause I 'm outta my head over you And you look deep into my eyes and I feel the air that you"
  • Yours Truly - As In Rebekkamaria
    "I scratch your face And you scrub my back I turn you down And you turn me on You break all the windows And I am the wind I leave all the lights on And you do the dishes Your name Yours truly Do it again Do"
  • Truly Yours - Stephanie D.
    "There's a ray of light Shinin' down on me After all this time I waited patiently Just for you to come Right into my life But I finally found Love is on my side And now things ain't the same Ever since"
  • Yours Truly - Altered
    "When you're tired The world on your shoulders And fear in your mind When it's washed out And comfort's an old friend That's too hard to find I'll be yours I will be yours I'll be yours I will be yours Ooh,"
  • Truly Yours - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "Yeah here we go, just go with the flow I wanna say something about this girl I know She tried to play me out, though, check it out This I dedicate to the girl I hate It's a piece of my mind rhyme put"
  • Truly Yours - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
    "Yeah here we go, just go with the flow I wanna say something about this girl I know She tried to play me out, though, check it out This I dedicate to the girl I hate It's a piece of my mind rhyme put"
  • Yours Truly - Embodyment
    "I want to know you're broken For the path you've chosen I want to know you're reaping What you have sown And I'll give you more than You've ever wanted Faithful forever With these words I promise I promise You"
  • Yours Truly - Embrace Today
    "as I write to you another thoughtless night alone well I could cut my wrists with this razor but fuck you and fuck your dreams as you depend on someone else well I could smash your face with this thing and"
  • Truly - Delerium
    "I know good things, I know bad as wellAny witness to the world will tellIf there is sorrow, then there is beauty and trustA secret pearl inside the heart of us...So truly, if there's light then I want"
  • Yours truly 2095 - Electric Light Orchestra
    "2095, 2095, 2095, 2095 I love you, sincerely Yours truly, yours truly... I sent a message to another time But as the days unwind, this I just can't believe I sent a note across another plane Maybe it's"
  • Yours Truly, 2095 - ELO
    "2095, 2095, 2095, 2095, I love you, sincerely, Yours truly, yours truly. I sent a message to another time, But as the days unwind, This I just can't believe. I send a note across another plane, Maybe"
  • Truly Yours 98 - Pete Rock
    "(feat. Large Professor & Kool G. Rap) This I dedicate to the girl I rate As a ten then again she was probably an eight Her ass was kinda phat so she moved me yo When I scoped out her mental was straight"
  • Not Yours Truly - Cassie Steele
    "Watch me, as I'm coming in the room I feel your stare Watch me, in a crowd of people I can feel you there Watch me, cause I'm mine and you don't own me Watch me, I'll use you and abuse you then leave you"
  • Really And Truly - Paul Brandt
    "If a fallin' heart could make a sound Then you would hear mine for miles around If what I feel became a light Then there would be no darkness in this night They say you know when it's real Baby I can tell"
  • Truly, Truly, Truly - Roy Orbison
    "I love you I do. I love you truly truly true. Truly true. If the world should end today.I could say. At least I've had my day with you. Truly true. Truly baby.I love you Truly, truly, truly,true."
  • Truly - Marcia Griffiths
    "Truly, I love you truly Truly, I love you truly And it would mean so much to me If you could understand That I need you, Just to be my lover man I said Truly, I love you truly Truly, I love"
  • Truly - Hazel
    "it must be something in the air she said that makes it so square when we get together feels like snakes in my hair and it feels all wrong somehow by the wall I fell well maybe next year i'll fall i don't"
  • Truly, Truly - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "I was hangin' with some friends, in the parkinglot one night near the summer's end. I leaned back against the glass, Of a car to watch all those speeding comets crash It made me think about us, made"
  • Truly - Deborah Cox
    "Feelin' kinda seperated since our love is waited It is surley faded ay-ay-ay-ay Dunno what to do since i'm not with u is our love true? ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Our love was gone when u told me those simple words"

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