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yuh aye pink drink aye

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yuh aye pink drink aye

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yuh aye pink drink aye
  • Santana Aye Aye Aye
    "shoutStanding in the doorwayBeneath the moonlit skyAn angel stood before meAnd looked me in the eyeAye ayeAye aye ayeAye aye ayeAye aye ayeShe moved up right beside meAnd we began to danceThe groove was"
  • ReTo Aye
    "Ty nie podskakuj do mnie mordo Lepiej skocz po browar Nie biedzie ciebie magika Chociaż zrobisz ot na pokaz Ja jestem kotem w butach Ciułam se na nike Ty tak mnie nie skumasz No bo to nie twoja bajka Miejska"
  • Mark Knopfler Why Aye Man
    "We had no way of staying afloat We had to leave on the ferry boat Economic refugees On the run to Germany We had the back of Maggie's hand Times were tough in Geordieland We got wor tools and working gear And"
  • Nightfall Aye Azure
    "(Efthimis KARADIMAS 1995) Fly in azure skies, never feel the touch of moral lands tasting my glorious father bribes, blazing gold, I loathe the shiny sand. Sacking the tombs of your heroes and messiahs Shanghaing,"
  • O Rappa Ile Aye
    "Essa história comea mais ou menos assim: Que bloco esse? Eu quero saber. o mundo negro que viemo mostrar pra voc (pra voc). Que bloco esse? Eu quero saber. o mundo negro que viemo mostrar pra voc"
  • Naggaroth Nightmares Say Aye!
    "I am the hero in your dreams I am the psycho on your screen I am the man outside your window The God in who you believe Wherever you go, Whatever you do I'll be whatching you Whenever you feel like something's"
  • Eddi Reader Aye Waukin-O
    "Summer's a pleasant time Flowers of every colour The water runs o'er the heugh And I long for my true lover Aye waukin-O Waukin still and weary Sleep I can get nane For thinking of my dearie Ay waukin,"
  • Himesh Reshammiya Aye Meri Zohrajabeen
    "aye meri meri zohrajabeen aye meri meri zohrajabeen furkat-e-gam mita jaa ishq da jaam dikha jaa jumme raat raat hai aaja saath saath nibha jaa saath saath nibha jaa jumme raat raat hai aaja saath saath"
  • P.A.F.F. AYE! (ft. Popek)
    "dieta, sport odżywki, łydki nowy ja wraca do gry kończę ćpać, kończę pić kończę z tym zaczynam żyć znów jak byk głodny jak wilk groźny jak lew i zły jak dzik chcę wyrwać się sprytny jak lis ze stadem"
  • Chingo Bling Aye Wey Wey
    "Orale, wey Orale, wey (Doo-doo-doo!) Orale, way (Ay que, culero) Asomate, wey Orale, wey (Es hora para crusar) Orale, wey (We gon' give a little lesson on vocabulary) Orale, wey Orale, wey (We gon' have"
  • Saathiya Aye Udi Udi Udi
    "Aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree Aye Ang Rang Khilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee Aye Udi Udi Aye Khaabon Kee Buree Aye Ang Rang K Hilee Aye Saaree Raath Bolee Halkee Ae Halkee Kal Raath Jo Shabnam Giree Are"
  • Jah Vinci Watch Yuh Friends
    "Oh whoaa... Not Nice All clear, yeah Yuh fi watch yuh frenz weh yuh smoke with And run joke with, Ah dem think fi cut your throat quick The only fren wey mi love, ah the one up above Keep him closer"
  • Guided By Voices Pink Drink
    "I saw you yesterday Looked like you were running away You seemed so uneasy That's not the way to please me We gotta go to the harm tonight We gotta get our minds alright Doesn't hurt to have a taste Haven't"
  • T.O.K. Shake Yuh Bam Bam
    "Well this a fi di gal dem who know seh dem nuh regular Your gucci and your femme yuh nuh spend nuh penny for It's either dat or true your phat some gal a carry belly for Some model fi di better yuh nuh"
  • Tracy Byrd Pink Flamingos
    "I was a rebel in my younger years I'd.....drink with the devil if he bought the beer Wore out two pick-ups just running around Mamma thought I never would settle down That was before I met sweet Irma Jean She"
  • Da Brat Pink lemonade
    "Chorus: Cool, refreshing cool, (ooh ooh) It taste best with you Add that sugar baby in my pink lemonade If ya thirstay I could possibly slide down your throat If you work may let's say we skip the foreplay"
  • Jump Little Children Pink Lemonade
    "feeling funky like a monkey i'm the one when it's sunny be my sugar bunny honey and we'll ride it's absolutely hot outside you need a drink? how about that glass of pink lemonade it's just the shade of"
  • Glassjaw Pink roses
    "You're asking when do I stop?When the bottle's empty.Blacker than my father's soul, drunk enough to raise us all.Pink roses.Nomad:Drowning rat.Black.Black.So black you can't even grasp the fact.Blacker"
  • James Bay Pink Lemonade
    "Don’t fall into my arms don’t ask me to repeat it don’t suffocate my heart I don’t know what I’m feeling do you wanna talk? do you wanna talk it through swear I ain’t got anything on my mind I don’t wanna"
  • Alien Ant Farm Pink Tea
    "On bright days, make sundaes! And tea time, is always In short time with sunlight We're gunna wait To drink a cup of lots of love We'll hopefully earase all the doubts And you would be my dear And I will"

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