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zapamiętaj-Blue cafe

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zapamiętaj-Blue cafe

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zapamiętaj-Blue cafe
  • Chris Rea The Blue Cafe
    "My world is miles of endless roads That leaves a trail of broken dreams Where have you been I hear you say? I will meet you at the Blue Cafe Because, this is where the one who knows Meets the one who does"
  • John Waite Bluebird Cafe
    "Her i.d, says she's 21 But she's just 17 Her apron says mary But her real name is jean She's working cleaning tables off At the local dairy queen And she's the real thing Yeah Young hearts can fly restless"
  • Barry Manilow Paradise Cafe'
    "The night is new The faces are friendly So have a few And let me play Some new songs, some blue songs The mood is always right Every night at the Paradise Cafe The world outside May make its own madness But"
  • Barry Manilow Paradise cafe
    "The night is new The faces are friendly So have a few And let me play Some new songs, some blue songs The mood is always right Every night at the Paradise Cafe The world outside May make its own"
  • Vandals Cafe 405
    "Watching her at the mall she don't know me at all Hope no employee over hears Think I'm in love with you Red, Yellow, White & Blue Seems I've been watching her for years, It brings a smile to my face as"
  • Greg Brown Dream cafe
    "You were the woman in the blue mask,standin there beside your dress.All the things I wanted from you,I never could express.I thought I saw you once in Munich,but you slipped away.I'm in the corner with"
  • Her Personal Pain Cinema Cafe
    "There is a man sitting in a window watching the late night sun it is chill and breezy, I'm cold but he doesn't seem to understand Escape away through Cinema Cafe The curtains whirl slowly a cat comes by while"
  • John Cale Cafe Shabu
    "Welcome to the Caf Shabu. Permit me to introduce you to some of our regulars. Starting on my immediate left, ladies and gentlemen, here in Caf Shabu, you'll note a poet, a man of words by trade. And yes,"
  • Blue Cafe Zapamiętaj
    "Dobro dziel Gdy do przodu idziesz W sercu schowaj moment Kiedy byłeś niżej Trochę więcej ciepła Trochę więcej siebie Skąd cię wiedzie droga zapamiętaj.. Obok obojętni Co dzień się mijamy Na co nam ta"
  • Indigo Girls Half Moon Cafe
    "Author: Indigo Girls Album title: Nomads.Indians.Saints Hammer and a Nail ------ --- - ---- (Emily Saliers) Clearing webs from the hovel A blistered hand on the handle of a shovel I've been digging too"
  • Bobby Bare Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe
    "It's two in the morning on Saturday night at Rosalie's Good Eats Cafe The onions are frying the neon is bright and the jukebox is startin' to play And the sign on the wall says In God We Trust all others"
  • Ringsgwandl Cafe'
    "Gehn wir heut in eine Kneipe, oder in ein Szene-Cafe', so mit Spiegel und Metall, und Neon, ganz grell, nchtern und Art Deco, so wie unser Naturell. Ne Kleinigkeit zu essen, vorneweg ein Aperitiv, wir"
  • Georg Ringsgwandl Cafe
    "(Text und Musik: Georg Ringsgwandl, 1988) Gehn wir heut in eine Kneipe, oder in ein duftes Szene-Cafe, so mit Spiegel und Metall, und Neon, ganz grell, nuechtern und Art Deco, so wie unser Naturell. Ne"
  • Tim Buckley Cafe
    "I was just a curly-haired mountain boy On my way Passing thru I heard a voice Whisper good evening I turned to a shadow And saw her there So all alone She had those sad china eyes That sang each time she"
  • Sesame Street The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe
    "This is the ballad of The Sad Cafe It's a funny little place down Oklahoma way Where the cowpokes go to feel sad and blue And their cows and their horses Well they go there too (cows and horses join"
  • Michał Pabich Zapamiętaj
    "Budowane na kłamstwie Życie – obraca się w proch Wywołane skandale A w kieszeni marny grosz Obrabianie przyjaciół Wróg ułożył plan Dyktowanie warunków Co dla Ciebie zrobić mam Zapamiętaj kim jesteś"
  • Sekta Procentowa Zapamiętaj
    "SZPONTA Każdy swego losu kowal przez Ciebie wybrana droga Sam wolałeś dojść do słowa swoim życiem decydować Sam pokonać wroga tu zwycięstwo to jest nokaut Sam musisz krytykować wiedzieć jak masz postępować Na"
  • Kraftwerk Electric Cafe
    "Musique rythmique Son electronique L'art politique A l'age atomique Electric Cafe Culture physique Cuisine dietetique L'art dynamique A l'age atomique Electric Cafe Musica electronica Figura ritmica Arte"
  • Icehouse Street Cafe
    "By Icehouse Street Cafe ----------- Iva Davies ----------- if there were no tomorrows if there was just one more chance I'd take it again you know I'd take it again you turn and it's gone forever in time"
  • Terry Allen Night Cafe
    "Yeah the truck drivin man He gonna understand When he pulls into the night cafe He gonna walk right in Where there's too many men Wantin hamburgers right away When he finally finds a booth He calls to"

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