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  • Fair Play - PRO8L3M
    "lubię towar trefny lubię browar wczesny lubię alpine bety amg 63 lubię diamenty na szyi kobiety i się z nią pieprzyć a inna sprawa jaki przed tym fetysz lubię zjeść kwasa black jack, hazard lubie w niej"
  • Play Fair - Caithlin De Marrais
    "I've want to talk to you I've got something I want to say but you don't want to know Why don't you just tell me that you don't want to talk to me Then I'd be free to go If I call you up it's dead air If"
  • Fair play - OT.TO
    "Piłka nożna to jest niby prosta sprawa Noga, piłka, trawa, bramka, gwizdek, brawa Ale ile komplikacji wręcz etycznych Powoduje prozaiczny faul taktyczny. Oby na co dzień było w modzie fair play fair play"
  • Fair Play - Crashdog
    "let's go on a shopping trip courtesy of uncle GNP with the fearless leaders of the world we'll dispense health and property for the pigs at the top, we'll sling the most slop they need more, more, so much"
  • Fair Play - Van Morrison
    "Fair play to you Killarney's lakes are so blue And the architecture I'm taking in with my mind So fine... Tell me of Poe Oscar Wilde and Thoreau Let your midnight and your daytime turn into love of life It's"
  • Fair play - Agnieszka Chrzanowska
    "Na stadionie i w salonie, w centrum, w bloku i w rynsztoku, w kamienicy, na ulicy, w pyle, w kurzu, na podwórzu ... Z własną córką, z własną babką, z własnym ojcem, z własną matką, z własnym teściem"
  • Play It Fair - LaVern Baker
    "Give your heart to the one Who gave her heart to you If you must play the game Play it fair (play it fair) Save your love for the one Who saves her love for you If you must play with love Play it fair"
  • Country Fair - Lonestar
    "(Richie McDonald/Robbie Cheuvront/Chris Waters) Twenty bucks buys ten coupons Two eats of corn and one ride on The tilt-a-whirl with your favorite girl Keep on walking down the midway Three-eyed goats"
  • Horn Fair - Spiers And Boden
    "As I was a-walking one morning in Spring, So soft blew the wind through the leaves growing green. I spied a pretty fair maid all on a grey mare, As she was a-riding on down to Horn Fair. I asked this"
  • Copshawholme Fair - Spiers And Boden
    "On a Friday it fell in the month of April, O'er the hill came the sun with a blithe sunny smile, And the folks were a thronging the roads everywhere, Making haste to be in at Copshawholme Fair. I've seen"
  • Renaissance fair - Blackmore's Night
    "I was told once, by a friend of mine, She had seen an olden sign, She said she was not from this time, And did I feel the same? So I told her, "Yes", I knew her fear As I felt the truth draw near, Told"
  • Not Fair - Shaggy
    "Boy what have you done for me I've been going down on you You not going down on me Girl that's how a rude boy play s I don't have to take you there I can please you in other ways Across the hall neighbors"
  • It Ain't Fair - Cat Power
    "People All around me But I don't even Have a friend Lord knows I been trying And he knows I just can't win Everything I do Yeah Seems to turn Out wrong Sometimes I wish now That I never Been born"
  • Everything Is Fair - A Tribe Called Quest
    "chorus (George Clinton from Funkadelic's "Let's Take It to the People"): "Everthing is fair when you're livin in the city"(8X) Q-Tip: Lookin at Miss Lane, it was the fast lane Barely knows her name, struck"
  • Fair, Love & War - Killarmy
    "Yeah, word up One time, one time Killarmy, Killarmy Beretta 9, Killa Sin, Dom Pachino, word up Shogun the Assasson, all is fair in love and war Yo, the saga carries on, word up, military time I got a long"
  • Play Dirty - Chamillionaire
    "Play Dirty Like I slipped in mud before the game And The Coach wouldn't even let a playa go change Play Dirty I talk more trash than Ali I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee Play Dirty Break"
  • Play Dirty - Paul Wall
    "(feat. 50/50 Twin) Play Dirty Like I slipped in mud before the game and The Coach wouldn't even let a playa go change Play Dirty I talk more trash than Ali I float like a butterfly and sting like a"
  • Fair - Ben Folds
    "well, he shouted out his last word and he stumbled through the yard and she shattered her last china plate and spun off in the car when he lunged onto the hood she stopped to tell him she'd been wrong he"
  • Power Play - Eddie And The Tide
    "They're out of order in war They're out of order in love They need to feed, they both agree The hawk and the dove But don't get mad, get even And don't let 'em get to you I never promised It was fair"
  • Fair - Ben Folds Five
    "He shouted out his last word And he stumbled through the yard And she shattered her last china plate And spun off in the car When he lunged onto the hood She stopped to tell him she'd been wrong HE was"

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