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zayn malik dusk til dawn

  • Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) - Zayn Malik
    "Not tryna to be indie Not tryna to be cool Just I’ve trying to be this Tell me are you too can you feel when the wind is? can you feel it through all of the windows inside this room coz I wanna touch"
  • Dusk Till Dawn - Ladyhawke
    "When you hide next to me With your eyes up close to me I hear footsteps in the dark When you hijack my heart Cool breeze down the hall I can feel you breathe Outside my door Bang bang bang On the wall"
  • From Dusk Till Dawn - Eldritch
    "Cruel rays of light tear the dark inside The new day on the town invades my mind A crowd creeps in silence, taking hold of the roads Where I wes king 'til few hours before It breathes the pollution"
  • Dusk - Jack White
    "Utwór 'Dusk' z albumu 'Fear Of The Dawn' Jack White (premiera 8 kwietnia 2022r.)."
  • Dusk - Genesis
    "(Banks/Gabriel/Phillips/Rutherford/Mayhew) See my hand is moving touching all that's real And once it stroked love's body now it claws the past. The scent of a flower, The colours of the morning, Friends"
  • Dusk Till Dawn - Gothminister
    "Into the blackness where our minds can flee the real life Behind the curtain theres a place where we can all hide Here live the dark ones we are standing side by side Towards the night we raise our arms Into"
  • Dusk Till Dawn - Grits
    "CH1 From dusk to dawn, I just can't get enough of your love Winter to fall, you got me falling Morning to evneing, where the moonlight sun shining 365 You're my spring From dusk to dawn V1 I done been"
  • Dusk Till Dawn - Clödie
    "I wake up in your arms And see the morning sun You're still asleep Your breath on me That's what I love to feel You always say to me "You know what we should do?" To see the world Take the car And travel"
  • Dawn 2 Dusk - Geto Boys
    "STILL GOING Yeah, here we go again We bout to roll on some motherfuckers G.B. Rap-A-Lot Mafia Recognize the mob Nigga All our motherfuckin' enemies goin dead together No exception, absolutely none Everybody"
  • Dawn To Dusk - Autopilot Off
    "Fed up, knocked down. Withdrawn from everything that once was comfortable. So much for routine. You're weighted down, sinking. Swimming against the stream that once carried you home, took you to the place"
  • Dawn And Dusk - The Send
    "I've found a way to talk I've found a way to water down The things that I have thought But then, in the end, I always fall short The morning has a voice Calling out to me, "Come clean, To rise and have"
  • Dusk Till Dawn - Solabeat Alliance
    "Open hearts and rhapsodies of freedom, Standing here right on the edge of earth, Burning high with feelings we can lean on, All of this is of the greatest worth Don't you be no stranger, Do you remember, 12"
  • From Dusk Till Dawn - The 69 Eyes
    "Rising above the horizon Sister Moon again Calling all the children of the night to begin Mortal in the light immortal in your love I'm howling at you baby and the stars above I'm gonna get you till the"
  • From dawn to dusk - Dark Moor
    "Open my eyes felling the darkWith downward eye, gaze sadUnder the rain walking aloneLooking for the last doorI hear a song and touch the starsFrom dawn to duskThere is a force of clatiryThere is a lightGaze"
  • Dancin' Til Dawn - Lenny Kravitz
    "The way she moves really talks to me I'm going out of my mind 'Cause the way that she winds...is truly divine She takes her time as she approaches me Then she gives me the sign as she moves her behind That"
  • Darkness til dawn - Carly Simon
    "Chain smoking cigarettesEnemies across the tableWonderin' if I can ever trust anyone againWe argue through the nightThe restaurant shutsYou catch your flightI hail a cab with no idea where home might beWe"
  • 'Til The Dawn - E-40
    "(talking) Testing testing, Bosko where they at Tonight swinger what we getting into If you wanna dance we can do it tonight If you wanna smoke c'mon it's alright If you wanna drink c'mon we popping Don"
  • Til the Dawn - Soundtrack - Step up
    "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohhhhhhh nonono Out on the weekend Out on the weekend Out on the weekend Out on the weekend [ Drew: ] Let them in, get the lights, let party begin Mix a little love, get the"
  • Around Dusk - Kristin Hersh
    "around dusk you walk the seven blocks to paradise and throw your arms around it part of the cattle call to harmony at dawn it breaks but much too late to wreck the night we spun a silken effort wrapping"
  • 'til The Dawn Breaks - Rhodes Happy
    "I'll speak to you But don't you look into my eyes All my flesh will burn I'm here to warn you Children it's your turn Feel the night, live the night 'Til the dawn breaks Feel the night, live the night 'Til"

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