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zeamosne ballad

  • Ballad - Embodyment
    "drench me in kisses your breath consumes my pores leave my heart in one i swallow sunsets day by day media makes me ill previous desires have been slain cause all i want is you your presence makes me"
  • Ballad - New Model Army
    "When they look back at us and they write down their history What will they say about our generation? We're the ones who knew everything still we did nothing Harvested everything, planted nothing Well we"
  • Ballad - Eminem
    "(Girl) Yeah Hahahaha........whooooo,shit (Eminem) (aight) (Em) guess what? i ain't coming in yet.... i'll come in a minute (Em) ayo...this is my love song...it goes like this Back when Mark Walhberg was"
  • Barefoot Ballad - Raul Seixas
    "I want a barefoot ballad yes a barefoot ballad Won't you play for me a down home country song 'Cause when I kick my shoes off and I kick my blues off With a barefoot ballad you just can't go wrong Give"
  • Barefoot Ballad - Elvis Presley
    "I want a barefoot ballad yes a barefoot ballad Won't you play for me a down home country song 'Cause when I kick my shoes off and I kick my blues off With a barefoot ballad you just can't go wrong Give"
  • Bedroom Ballad - Gene Watson
    "Somehow two people brought their lives together In a lasting kind of way Somewhere between forever and right now Is where I'll always stay 'Cause when she sings her songs of love I see myself between her"
  • Michael's Ballad - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous Michael's Ballad Va petit Le monde est gentil Va mon grand Le monde est grand L'arc-en-ciel Efface la pluie Et chasse le vent Au ciel des enfants Go child The world is kind Go"
  • The Ballad - Snog
    "When the working day is done I refuse to belong to anyone. And at night when I try to sleep I hear the howls of commerce in my dreams... Somehow, someone, somewhere owns everything I do. Somehow, someone,"
  • Gun Ballad - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "Yeah, uh, yeah We back y'all Uh, AOTP This is what y'all's was waiting for, right? Yeah, nothing but that classic, classic, nothing but that classic, classic Yeah, yo I stay strolling with Crypt My"
  • Remembrance Ballad - Atreyu
    "Atreyu Miscellaneous Remembrance Ballad These dats are closing in. The end has become apparent. We're only here for so long. Will anyone remember my name when time has washed away the dust of our ashes?"
  • No Ballad - Herman Brood
    "Now don't you look at me with all that grief don't try to hold me everytime I leave A tiger in a cage is just a disgrace do you prefer to see me on my knees beggin' you if I could possibly a man can only"
  • Love Ballad - K-Ci & JoJo
    "All I can do is sit alone in my room baby Thinking about ya How could this be that you are not here with me When I gave you the best of me I feast each day (each day) Without a smile And life seems so"
  • Love Ballad - Patti LaBelle
    "I Have never been so much In love Before What a difference A true love made in my life So nice So right Loving you gave me something new That I've never felt Never dreamed of Something's changed No it's"
  • The Ballad - Testament
    ""I'm not one to say Where my feelings are going when they wither away I pray to see another day My heart's feeling like a needle lost in the hay Restrained to meet again My friend do you think that we"
  • Ballad Of... - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
    "He stands tall in his handmade boots Pretty little girls all around Black was the shade of his nudie suit And when he sang there was not a sound From state line to Mobile he entertained the crowds Everybody"
  • Bridal Ballad - Hayley Westenra
    "The ring is on my hand, And the wreath is on my brow; Satin and jewels grand Are all at my command, And I am happy now. And my lord he loves me well; But, when first he breathed his vow, I felt"
  • The Ballad - Millencolin
    "The last selection in the ballgame. Does never get a pass. Not appreciated's just his first name. He's the scapegoat of the class. There are no friends to cheer him up and No girls, no sweet romance. It's"
  • Short Ballad - The Coral
    "Here's a tale of my true love Fair and free was she Wasn't I just like tonight she stole my liberty Ooooh Like a flower in the spring Words don't mean a thing Like the ocean greets the sand Beyond my"
  • The Ballad - Todd Rundgren
    "Jean did her best Denny worked hard And so together made him a star And he loved her Money changed hands Denny must start Tallying up things close to his heart And he loved her so But we don't always know"
  • Love Ballad - George Benson
    "I have never been so much In love, in love before What a difference How true love made in my life So nice and so right Lovers come and then lovers go That's what the people say Don't they know How it"

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