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  • A Thousand Times - Sophie Zelmani
    "I woke up so sad one morning And there were reasons for that bad morning Something told me you're not ready for this change I got up stepped into the shower, and I thought: it will be gone about an hour"
  • Always You - Sophie Zelmani
    "If it wasn't the ocean Wasn't the breezes Wasn't the white sand There might be no need If I could sleep through the cool nights If I could breathe and eat right If I had worked all summer Maybe I wouldn't"
  • I'll Remember You - Sophie Zelmani
    "It's daybreak And you are asleep I can hear you breathe now Your breath is deep But before I go I look at you one last time I can hear a heartbeat Is it yours or is it mine? I look at your lips I know"
  • I'll See You (In Another World) - Sophie Zelmani
    "Days like this to me senses I see to the old burried losts Golden times are when I remember how I used to talk to my heart Seems to be easy now Whenever I need to cry, I hide It's too late to get back looking"
  • So Good - Sophie Zelmani
    "It will be better in the morning They said the sun might shine I'll have you close, you'll have the deeps of mine It will be better, much better Suppose it would rain How I would smile It would be"
  • Stand By - Sophie Zelmani
    "It's because to my faith In how it should be I never consider and that's why I let you drive me, drive me crazy It's not a question Or trying ones fortune What it's all about is to figth to make it live To"
  • Until Dawn - Sophie Zelmani
    "I wonder, I wonder about the fire One fire I seen to be stuck with It's glowing, and burning, and sparkling of flames I wonder who set it free And I don't know just what to do It's like I could, get crazy about"
  • You And Him - Sophie Zelmani
    "You were in the city, one night all alone Waiting for a taxi that could take you home You swa a man walking down the street, towards you And you could see he had no teeth in his upper jaw He had dirt in"
  • Black Day - Sophie Zelmani
    "Was it easy, was it hard? We will always wonder about that part Were you crazy, were you brave? Thats what we all wonder about today We will live through this black day We will pray by your young grave We"
  • Breeze - Sophie Zelmani
    "My heart is leaving you it says goodbye Disappering from you tonight Not a breeze is gonna pass you by There are sailingboats There are shops Broken rafts adrift I'm jumping on what ever's passing by I've"
  • Curtain Fall - Sophie Zelmani
    "No more time, spared for waiting, no thoughtfulness to blame it on Im giving up on you, youre giving up on me thats why our meeting doesnt come I dont recognize my skin when its callous This emptiness"
  • Going Home - Sophie Zelmani
    "Not very often have we met But the music's been too bad Can only sense happiness if the music is sad So, I'm going home I must hurry home Where a life goes on We're too old to make a mess Dreams will keep"
  • Gone With The Madness - Sophie Zelmani
    "I'm gonna bring a bottle of wine Won't change the truth, just to fit our time Disappointed, it was a man hidden in the woods of my dreamland I wanted you to desire me I could have gone with the madness Gone"
  • Goodbye - Sophie Zelmani
    "I told you once, I did after youd taught me how It was never in my beliefs Id ever learn to say goodbye How do you say goodbye? How do you get free? I tried to say goodbye but youre still here with me If"
  • How It Feels - Sophie Zelmani
    "We are getting there darling This is you and me Have you thought about it darling Have you thought about how it feels I think we've got some answers Just looking at you now This is not what happens when"
  • Leaving - Sophie Zelmani
    "You still love her You dont know me yet So Im leaving before you do So dont whisper Dont wonder Dont miss her Just go and find her I make your choice I make your wisdom I make you fall from your resistance I"
  • Oh Dear - Sophie Zelmani
    "Don't you ever go out When was the last timeyou were out Have you ever been out Oh dear Is something wrong with the air Since you can't breathe in here How long have you held breath Oh dear What is closing"
  • Once - Sophie Zelmani
    "Hey you can I breathe if my chest is covered Hey you is my face making sense Eyes can't be still in a moment so tense Here babe are the notes you must play This babe, is the procedure Here babe not in"
  • People - Sophie Zelmani
    "I can wake up to a bad day I know how to go from there But you Ican't handle It's not that you're not welcome You're amazing in my eyes It's me that change too much around you You are one of those people I"
  • Sing And Dance - Sophie Zelmani
    "It's hard to know this secret It chocked the hell out of me I hope I'm net looking jealous of your way of staying free But how, and why, what was it you were telling me You're washing up your scruples then"

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