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zicke inside

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zicke inside

    "ZICKE ZACKE TOMMAHACKE HO HO HO (3mal) Urlaub made in austria, indiana fans - jetzt bin i da, die prrie hob i verlossen, weil bei eich gibs steile hosen lauter berg und olles wei mei pferd hots glei"
  • Inside - Inside Out
    "I want you to stay with me. To spend every day with me. I want you to be more than just a friend. I want you to let me in. Although you're above me. I want you to love me. I want you to need me. Take my"
  • Inside - Bang Gang
    "How can someone feel like we did out there Have you lost the dream that was in our hands Is it ok now (x2) Find me Inside every heartbeat Inside every worry Keep me in your heart again Find me Inside"
  • Inside - Sunk Loto
    "So shut up! You can't see inside of me Feedin' the public lies & bullshit Tryin' to break me, you'll never break me I never wanted any of this Interrogate me just like criminal that's being held in"
  • Inside - Switched
    "Break my frustration, crack the walls that hold me inside Never seen the light, Come shining through Never seem to like the likes of you Are you happy now? You broke me on the inside, the inside of my"
  • Inside - Lauren Jauregui
    "Every time I try to, try to Find you, I seem to lose you I wanna get a little more close to be mine 'Cause lately I've been trying to see you A little clearer for the real you Scared thoughts and twisted"
  • Inside - Ronnie Milsap
    "She tries for the honesty but the truth just gets in the way 'Cause I know inside what she can't bring herself to say There's something dying deep in her heart I feel it when I touch her hand So I tell"
  • Inside - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Abandoned on my cross around the corner from the corner of your eye, don't be surprised if I should slightly cross the line and slowly glide you through the border that you claimed was never ever there."
  • Inside - Vertical Horizon
    "We're all lost We're all found We're all the same Just one heart Beats in us With different names Just one heart With different names Chorus: Hold me inside you 'Cause I wanna be inside you Inside you Take"
  • Inside - Berenice
    "I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died (repeat x2) I'm alone inside 'cause my mama's died I'm alone inside 'cause my mom is dead I'm alone inside You were the sunlight Shining on my way Life was only"
  • Inside - Edguy
    "We're the little creatures Deep inside your mind Some call us their fantasy But some do never find We can teach philosophy But still we must commend... The state of our existence Right into your hand Welcome"
  • Inside - New Buffalo
    "Inside Gotta get away so I can write some more TV on and record playing, what's it for Career move is watching you travel far Watch a building being built, the pieces are Replacing what's missing inside"
  • Inside - Kem
    "I get a rush when I brush up against your lovin' Feelins' start to flow ooh and there I go in your lovin' Find myself at ease when your lovin' me All I need I find in your love Girl don't you know I made"
  • Inside - Sting
    "Inside the doors are sealed to love Inside my heart is sleeping Inside the fingers of my glove Inside the bones of my right hand Inside it's colder than the stars Inside the dogs are weeping Inside the"
  • Inside - Noise Therapy
    "AAH, I Can't think, I can't speak, I can't walk, I've no control, I Can't feel, I can't hope, I can't cope, I've lost again, Don't know, don't try, don't care, It's not your style, Can't crawl, can't breathe,"
  • Inside - EMF
    "Hushed up touched up I see myself and all I've fucked up I've been sold a million times It's just as well I can take three thousand times Fine They get at you inside you You're always hiding inside you Got"
  • Inside - Tobias Sammet's Avantasia
    "Inside (Elderane:) We're the little creatures deep inside your mind (Regrin) Some call us their fantasy but some do never find (Elderane) We can teach philosophy but still we must commend... (Regin) ...The"
  • Inside - Luxt
    "Your prescence burning me Persistance turning me Feels like it's killing me Oh how it's thrilling me Your skin is slicking me So thick and sickening Your vile wet filling me While my heart's chilling me Inside Inside Inside Inside You"
  • Inside - Jon B
    "What cha cookin' baby Smells so good lady Girl you got me craving For your love Baby you are crazy It never ceases to amaze me What I'm about to be tasting But I'mma take my time (Girl tonight) Your"
  • Inside - Jon B.
    "What cha cookin' baby Smells so good lady Girl you got me craving For your love Baby you are crazy It never ceases to amaze me What I'm about to be tasting But I'mma take my time (Girl tonight) Your"

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