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zou me at six

  • Six o'clock - Lovin' Spoonful
    "There's something special about six o'clock In the morning when it's still too early to knock. And the dusty light shines down on the block And reflects up and down on the hands of the clock. Six o'clock,"
  • Six Stepsisters - Vicious Rumors
    "Oh those girls just wanted to play. All in one body, they drive me insane. Never encountered a love so cold. Over and over and over they go. I couldn't take her screaming like that. Six tortured souls"
  • Six O'Clock - Faktion
    "Six o' clock and I'll be ready Lesson learned, my hands are steady One more day, and I'll be home Living with regret of what I've done How could I waste what we have on her We can't go out that way"
  • Six Minutes - Dungeon Family
    "(big rube) 360 seconds it's on Unlimited firsts, from calibers unknown Come wit it in ya verse, or take a job and stay gone I don't care if it's rehearsed or off the top of your dome With this specified"
  • Deep Six - On Broken Wings
    "I hate the was you're looking at me lately It makes me want to choke that smile off your face I don't say this often but tonight I think I might This time I'm really drowning, swallowed by consuming seas I'm"
  • Six Minutes - Joe Budden
    "Its your motherf**kin boy Yeah Jump Off Joe Budden here Clinton Sparks We gonna get familiar with it We gonna get familiar together matter fact Boston stand up Jerz stand up Sparks, solid its your boy It'ssssss... It'ssssss... THAT"
  • Six Dreams - Seeds
    "(Sky Saxon) I sit and watch in front of the mirror When you paint your childlike face YOur image changing each night Stars shining, oh so bright Oh, I don't care what you've done I'll always love you Painted"
  • Six sirens - P.O.D.
    "And now I sit in thought as the plot of my days commences, And I'm left with fences Put off the thoughts of my end so long to race To chase after the trend so fleeting Hours pass unsettled, unresolved"
  • Zou Bisou Bisou - Gillian Harris
    "(Piosenka z serialu "Mad Men") Un, deux, trois Zou bisou bisou /x3 Zou bisou bisou, mon Dieu qu'ils sont doux Zou bisou bisou /x3 Zou bisou bisou, le bruit des bisous Dans les buissons sous le ciel"
  • Six - Yannick Bovy
    "I was done Nearly out Guess I lost my way somehow Now I'm in With a shout Since you turned my whole world upside down It's so easy just to hide away Close your eyes and cross your heart But I've got my"
  • Six - Number Less ThanLess Than
    "You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief That steals that jaded necklace that you're always"
  • Six - 311
    "You know patience pushing a dream brings my demons to life Songs are vacations our soul salvation will you Suspend your disbelief I'd like to be the, thief That steals that jaded necklace that you're always"
  • Six - All That Remains
    "I wish I was free of this I see her in my dreams Wish that she wasnt there But she still haunts me and I Still feel her breath on me Still want to taste her skin But I know that would kill me No damn her Still"
  • Wat Zou Je Doen - BL?F
    "Wat zou je doen, Als ik hier opeens weer voor je stond? Wat zou je doen Als ik viel, hier voor je op de grond? Wat zou je doen, als ik dat was? Wat zou je doen, Als ik je gezicht weer in"
  • Wat Zou Je Doen? - Marco Borsato
    "Als er nooit meer een morgen zou zijn En de zon viel in slaap met de maan Heb je enig idee wat het met je zou doen Als je nog maar een dag zou bestaan? Voor sommige kinderen zal er nooit meer een morgen"
  • Six 12's - Webbie ft. Mouse
    "I ride down ya street u can hear me in ya den. Shakin niggas walls when I put it past 10 G- S**t, I ain't even gotta rap in em I Like to play tha songs with alotta slap in em The amp turned up so it sound"
  • Six Feet Under - King Diamond
    "My family just couldn't wait, I should have seen it coming What a nice CONSPIRACY, what a nice suprise But now it's all too late I am six feet under, It's so very hard to breath My family, they put me"
  • Ik Zou Met Jou - Wim Sonneveld
    "Ik zou met jou in rooie kamers, in de tijden van Couperus Willen kwijnen bij een haardvuur als het buiten lelijk weer is Over onze kleine zielen peinsend spreken met elkaar En je schikt wat aan je kapsel"
  • Six Foot Town - Big & Rich
    "My brakes are on fire from tryin to slow down I'm always burnin my tires and my horn is too loud I catch people starin, looking funny at me When I step to the window and I toss a TV Sometimes I get crazy"
  • Six Lonely Hours - Kitty Wells
    "When the clock strikes one I stare at the door By the time it reaches two I'm walking the floor When the hands oh so gently drop down on the three I'm alone in a world where love used to be There are"

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