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zuligar są lolita

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zuligar są lolita

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zuligar są lolita
  • Madame Olga Lolita
    "On est con tout age elle a pas dix huit cette petite qui me ravage, Le sens commun au point de n'tre plus qu'un pantin, Entre ses doigt french manucur petite touche de fminit pour completer, Un faux look"
  • Kra Hard lolita
    "Tsukareta toki wo tome ima otome ikiro otomekirei na karada misete shiroku utsukushiku saki midaretetada koi se yo otome hana no you ni ikiro otomekirei na hanabira misete shiroku utsukushiku sakimidareteKitanai"
  • Suzanne Vega Lolita
    "Lolita Almost grown Lolita Go on home Hey girl Don't be a dog all your life Don't beg for Some little crumb of affection Don't try To be somebody's wife So young You need a word of protection Lolita Almost"
  • Krime (Kali) Lolita
    "Tańczyła jak karuzela Ciemność pochłonęła całe wnętrze Zgaszone światło Przedziera się demon, pragnąc więcej Zło wisi jak żyrandol Nad nią przeklęte kryształy Wibrują bólem Jak czarna magiczną rytuały Dziury"
  • Puhdys Lolita
    "Lolita, zwei weie Mwen fliegen heute zu dir Mit Gren von mir, mit Kssen von mir Lolita, die beiden Mwen sind genauso verliebt Genauso verliebt, wie wir zwei Zwei Mwen, zwei Mwen Zwei Herzen, zwei Herzen Fliegen"
  • Leah LaBelle Lolita
    "Am I the aim of your fascination? Am I the eye of your storm? You call my name like in affirmation, You coming right for my door With your briefcase and your lust You’re on a schoolboy kinds question All"
  • Black Francis Lolita
    "Hey If you're sour 'Cause some people tried to take away all your power If you're bruised 'Cause they hit you when you refused Well, that's the deal, you never heal So best to hold your ground You"
  • Lana Del Rey Lolita
    "Would you be mine, would you be my baby tonight Could be kissing my fruit punch lips in the bright sunshine Cause I like you quite a lot, everything you got don't you know It's you that I adore, though"
  • Shifty Lolita
    "Oh Lolita Girl ya make it so hot It's likes I got a fever Oh Lolita I think I need ya now I could tickle your pink If ya let me get down I see a dancer by the juke box, drinking sangria Down in Mexico"
  • Stereophonics Lolita
    "I stepped out off the train at dawn Walked along an open road To find you You made beds at the gold motel Sold junk at the carousel To bind you Lolita You make my wheel, set me free, Won't you come home"
  • Sordid Humor Lolita
    "tell me something, it's too hot to be here there are no trees along this river bed there's just a house with dogs and pictures of dead indians tell me something, it's too hot to be here sticks and stones"
  • Kinito Lolita
    "Petite blonde oxygne Moule dans ton maillot serr Avec tes cheveux dtachs Et ton sourire bi-fluor Cet t tu vas te charger De perdre ta virginit Tu testes tes capacits Pourvu qu'ils t'aient tous remarqus Refrain Lolita... Tu"
  • Prince Lolita
    "Ow, ow Stop it baby U're a VIP at least 2 me Come here and show me some ID Eye know U're fine from head 2 pumps If U were mine we'd bump bump bump U're much 2 young 2 peep my stash U're tryin' 2 write"
  • Mustard Plug Lolita
    "Lolita, I wanna meet ya I wanna take you in my arms and squeeze ya, 'cause you amaze me, ya really slay me and every touch just drives me crazy. But the world won't accept the way I feel, and the man"
  • Jughead's Revenge Lolita
    "Why don't you go back to the hell from which you came showing me that girlfriends and psychotics are the same first you say we're dating and it's easy in the start then I'm running for my life the minute"
  • Kid Abelha Lolita
    "Toda menina j foi Lolita na vida No por amor, mas por desejo de poder praticar a crueldade e se satisfazer Sexo fcil, companhia e prazer mais fcil seduzir um homem-lobo perverso do que destruir um corao"
  • The Veronicas Lolita
    "From the mouths of babes to the power of men I make it all new again Hold my hand, hold my hand 'cause I can't touch the ground The carousel goes around, round and round The addiction, the friction, it"
  • Celine Dion Lolita
    "Tu dis qu' je suis trop jeune Pour vivre avec un homme Moi je te dis Je m'en fous, je m'en fous I love you You say that I'm too young To live with a man And I'm telling you I don't give a damn, don't give"
  • Martha Wainwright Lolita
    "When you undress don't close the door I know you're in there long brown legs curly brown hair the world ends here I got my eyes on you I got my eyes on you all of the time Momma's not home, we're alone let's"
  • Elefant Lolita
    "Can you tell me what you're thinking? i just melt inside your eyes kiss me like they do in movies modern child of the night i was watching you for hours standing there beside the pool when you wear"

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