T.I.: You Know Who

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T.I.: You Know Who

Alright man, y'all win
I won't say it, at least for this song, hey

[Verse 1]
Said they lookin for the realest, well I'm real as it get
Rap to the nigga dealin hard who live in the jects
Til some better nigga wit her, ain't delivered 'em yet
My mouth is, but I got a pistol bigger than that
I live and die by my respect so I honor the code
Peep niggaz who be out here flexin, stuntin for hoes
And if you ain't never chose to remember nothin before
Just know the game is some you win, some you don't
But you already begin again, start, it go
Learn to shoot a pistol, flip a O, how hard it go
Man if you ain't ever heard of Pimp Squad before
You better ask a real nigga or a broad you know
Cause you ain't ready for the pros, get it outta ya brain
You in over your head, way out of your lane
I been sayin I'm filthy rich and got it from caine
So would you say them niggaz know if they done got it the same, right?

Cause you know who, you know what
Of the you know where, goin against us, too unfair
Cause everywhere you do a show, we got kinfolk there
And now you know I ain't no more, not a tinfolk there
It's you know who, you know what
Of the you know where, beef now don't you go there
And if you do, don't use our copy producers, he won't care
If he leave the hood alone, pimpin he won't share man

[Verse 2]
I know you think you out there gettin it in
But whatcha doin, I done did it once and did it again
I had a trap between runnin while living in sin
He done settlin down, turnin nine millin or ten
I give a damn if I never sell a million again
I gotta thank you a million for just lettin me in
But now I'm settlin in, gettin used to the view
On top, won't stop til I'm huger than you
Gon flop? Who? Me, pimp you losin your screws
We gotta dope if you lettin niggaz shoot into you
You ain't ready for the shit I'm introducin to you
The roof in the back of the park ain't translucent as you
So now your nigga dressin up, man do what you do
I got style, pimp, it's more than just the suit and the shoe
This been proven, I'm the truth, stamp government seal
I'm more than any of these other niggaz, just Southern with deals, for real

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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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T.I.: You Know Who

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T.I.: You Know Who

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T.I.: You Know Who

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