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Alan Jackson: The Love Song: Jeff Bates

First time I felt it
Think I was five years old
I was scared had a nightmare
Momma was there for me to hold
Daddy he was different
He never said it much
But I heard him loud and clear
When he brought home that ball and glove
And it took on a brand new meaning
I wasnt just a boy no more
and she moved in next door
Where you from
Whats your name?
Wanna go to my game
Got the keys to my dads old truck
Turned the radio on
Still remember the song
We held hands and there it was
pages kept on turning
There I was with someone else
For the first time in my lifetime
I wasnt living for myself
I knew I wasnt falling anywhere Id fell before
And it took on a brand new meaning
It was strong and it was true
Knew what I had to do
Found a ring
Hit my knees
Couldnt talk couldnt breath
My heart had me all choked up
Said I do then we cried
Wedding bells waved goodbye
The whole church knew it was
And it took on a brand new meaning
When the doctor said its time to watch your miracle arrive
Thank the Lord
Cut the cord
Take her home
Help her grow
And complete the circle of..
That's the circle of Love.
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Alan Jackson: The Love Song: Jeff Bates

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Alan Jackson: The Love Song: Jeff Bates
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Alan Jackson: The Love Song: Jeff Bates

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