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Thumb: Cavemen In Disguise

I value live itself in all the sizes and shapes, I try to rank all human
beings just as high as the apes or the birds and the bees what about the
flies and the fleas, may they crawl on the ground or even swim through the
seas. Way up high in the air, some swingin' in trees, such a beautiful
sites, such a beautiful peace ! Only a sick mind kills animals at any time.
How blind could you be not to call it a crime when man slaughters my sons
and my daughters to be suckin' on meat like our ancestors taught us.
Through all our lives leads a path of destruction and death, anger, pain
seem to be the construction of society, we call ourselves civilized, our
hands are covered in blood - we're cavemen in disguise !
How easy it would be to live cruelty free.
I understood one day what this meat thing is all about - I ate it all my life, I never had a doubt. My parents fed me pig, calve or poultry, you have to eat it all up if one day you wanna be as big as me ! - yes, I agree. We ate a whole lot of meat in our family, but one day, 'round about 1984, it hit me like a rock, I couldn't eat it no more !
Those screams from the slaughterhouse, they woke me up real fast, they
turned my inside out. I realized my personal taste had a high price, for
ev'rytime I ate somebody had to die, but why? I thought we're civilized...
our hands are covered in blood, we're cavemen in disguise.
How easy it would be to live cruelty free.
But instead you mindlessly take their lives. Who gave you the right to play god himself as you decide about life. I don't fuckin' care 'bout how we used to be or how we had to hunt and collect, 'cause I don't get the point you see. Hey, we don't live in the stone age anymore ! You keep the slaughterhouses, so you'll keep the war !
Don't you see the connection, you just kill and destroy, you're so fuckin'
stupid, 'cause you seem to enjoy... When they bleed, when they die, when
you fancifully fry... The meat in your mouth is all that I see... Just say
what you like, but it's murder to me !
I just can't forgive you !
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Thumb: Cavemen In Disguise

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Thumb: Cavemen In Disguise
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Thumb: Cavemen In Disguise

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