Timeless Miracle: The Voyage

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Timeless Miracle

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Timeless Miracle: The Voyage

(I. Prelude to Dying)


(II. Pray for Daylight)

It was like a dream on a sunny day we set our sails
That would carry us away to foreign shores
We left all behind in search of fortunes to be found
So that life could start again on the other side

But something was wrong something awoke when night did come
Strange sounds in the night we heard it calling out

Pray for daylight hear the voice as cold as ice
Still alive will we make it thru the night
Pray for the daylight on the voyage of the damned
One by one we die and rise again

With nowhere to run the un-dead had us cornered in
A royal feast of blood that was our end
Backs to the wall our only hope a crucifix
But nothing seemed to stop this evil fiend

But something was wrong something awoke when night did come
Strange sounds in the night we heard it calling out

(Repeat chorus)

And now my time has come to
Face the ending of my mortal life
The moon will be my sunlight, the
Stars will guide me thru the dead of night

(Repeat chorus)

(III. The Kiss of Life and Death (Prelude revisited))

So my love close your eyes
And I'll give you the kiss of life
The price you pay for immortality
May be your very soul

(IV. The Turning)

I feel something going on inside of me its changing me
Blood is boiling in my veins and I know this is end of me
I feel something going on inside of me its changing me
Blood is boiling in my veins and I know this is end of me

I wander aimlessly each and every night
Farewell to everyone I am the last alive
The years will threat me well and I will never die
Farewell to light of day at dusk I will awake

(V. Under a Harvest Moon)

As long as wine in rivers flow the sun went down a while ago
Then I will stay with you my love and dance the night away

Sing a song we'll dance from dusk till dawn
To the tunes of a guitar
The violin caressed by passion strings
Make the devil dance tonight

(VI. Back from the Past)

And now I'm standing here since you left without a word
By the shores of ancient times in a land so dark

Why did you leave me here what made you turn away?
All alone left for good standing in the rain

The century's passed by and I felt like moving on
Find another place to stay far away from here

The new world was the key away from misery
A place where I could start again and find myself some pray

As I travel thru the night as I'm going down
Darkness all around not a single sound
I must pull myself together rise this time forever
In the distance there's a light a light that shine so bright
Could this be it?

(VII. The Ghost Vessel)

Like a black wall she rises over me
The ship that fortune to me bring

Into the sunset we're sailing
On our way to paradise
Pounding the waves to the new world

(VIII. A Journey's End)

Can you see the fiery light a beacon in the dead of night
We have reached our port of call our journey ends by morning light
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Timeless Miracle: The Voyage

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Timeless Miracle: The Voyage

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