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Tinashe: Mine

I always get you back baby /2x

[Left his house right off the bat
Fuck around on me and I drop it like that
No second chance, no relapse
Mark my words, karma's coming right back
Couple months pass, saw him at the club
Hand in hand with some dumb slut
Little later on when I saw her well
Realized she was bad as hell
Made up my mind, I was gonna get her
Said we could be friends and I took her out to dinner
Damn nice car, said you were a winner
Had the best time if my life when I was with her
When I took her home, moved in for the kiss
What's going on, you never had a lover?
It's okay, you'll remember this
I get what I want but I've never been a quitter
She fell in love in just a day
And it was so easy to make her fall for me
Now that I took your girl away
I'ma relax and enjoy this bad one all for me
Did you hear me?
Now that I took your girl away
(I'ma say it again boy)
I'ma relax and enjoy this bad one all for me

I guess what you deserved in time
Your girl is, your girl is mine
If you want her, better get in line
Your girl is, your girl is mine
Your girl is mine, mine, mine /2x
I said your girl is mine, mine, mine
Your girl is mine
She is mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
Autor tekstu: Tinashe
Dodane przez: misia98

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Tinashe: Mine

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Tinashe: Mine
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Tinashe: Mine

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