Token: How I Killed Katy Perry

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Token: How I Killed Katy Perry

I had a dream last night, it was a hardcore battle
I remember Katy Perry on a dark horse saddle
Followed by far more cattle
I was there alone with a sharp sword, hard torn, and baffled
She yelled from her palace "Start your travel"
So I stepped out of my cardboard castle
Before I knew it, bodyguards sure shackled
My feet. I collapsed on the hard floor gravel
I looked up, confused and dazed
I saw Juicy J letting an oozy spray
But with foolish aim so I manoeuvred away
Stuck my feet up so the bullets hit my shackles and I watched two break
I was free. Katy P yelled "You will rue this day!"
She sent 2k dudes with shooters raised over. They blew and blazed
My castle up into the hugest flames
What blew my brain was I was still standing
They were planning to destroy all the tools that stayed
In my shack, so they only sprayed that, all hyper
Juicy J got caught in the cross fire
I watched him lose his legs
Should have never been changing for foolish fame
Meanwhile, Katy's army doesn't know I got this sword
And soon enough the whole army was shooting blanks
Stupid ain't it?
You should have seen Katy's face with confusion and anger duplicating
I was standing in front of an unarmed group of tanks
Who only know how to shoot and aim
So right then, they were clueless and brainless
Some fools that were fooled and fuelled by music's Satan
So I jumped up like I was a dude from matrix
To slay with my sword like Super Saiyan
Came to the front row, each crew was shaking
I ran across, and used my tool to shank numerous faces
Until each face was exuding pain like tooth decay with braces
I was cruising through dudes so dang quick
I through my sword down the next row with so much force
It slit every neck of whom remained in
They all dropped at once, it was truly amazing
The next row tried to be cool and courageous
They raised their arm, a pistol whip they were planning
I severed each wrist and yelled "Caught you red-handed!"
They all bled to death like Juicy J did
A man from the forth row through the same fist glued to his stainless
I tied the lace of my shoe 'round his face, like a balloon
I swung him and knocked out the rest of the group he stayed with
The fifth row was the last. Katy stood right behind the huge in strength men
Who looked crude and dangerous
But soon as came in
Their shoes were racing. They moved and they ditched
Was apparent Ms. Perry was paralysed, she'd never assumed I'd make it
She said "I've never seen someone do the same thing I owe you a great gift"
She, like a nude, stripped naked to boobs and anus and I was soon to be fainting
As I was distracted her horse turned around with a back-kick. I flew and I ate shit
Ooh what a dang trick, stupid and fake bitch!
She put her sword like a new little babes bib-
Under my chin. "Fuck it, you win."
But in a split second her horse through a couple of kicks
She took two to her face and
I stuck her sword in her stomach and twisted, she soon hit the pavement
Dark horse exposed its mask
It was rap and it said: "There's no going back"

Autor tekstu: Token
Data dodania: 2023-11-30
Tekst dodał: AndyG
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Token: How I Killed Katy Perry

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Token: How I Killed Katy Perry

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Token: How I Killed Katy Perry

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