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Trey Songz: Only You

(feat. Jay-Z)

[(Trey Talking) {Trey singingad-libbing}:]

In the valley of my world
(Shawty when I tell u I love u
I dont be bullshittin)
You'd be my only girl
In the valley of my world
(Dont you get it by now that I
Aint the nigga you thought I was?)
You'd be my only girl
(Well not no more...lemme explain) {awww awww
Aww aww aww aww aww aww}

[Verse 1:]
Ohh listen when im talking to you
All the shit you be puttin me through
Still aint nothin that a nigga could do
About you
Need you when its time to ride
Need you shawty right by my side
Need you through the day and the night
Thats true

Its you girl {on my mind}
Its you girl {all the time no matter what}
No matter where I go its only you {youuu}
You girl {I would take a nigga life for}
You girl {take a bullet and die for}
No matter what I do its only you {only you}

In the valley {of my world} of my world
{You would be} You'd be my only girl
{You'd be my only girl...ohh ohh ohh ohhhhh}
In the valley of my world {of myyyyy}
You'd be my only girl {whoo}

[Verse 2:]
Lady listen I aint fuckin with you
U must be thinkin I got nothin to do
Wit my time than to play with ya mind
Dont you think that that would fuck up my
Need you when its time to ride
Need you shawty right by my side
Need you through the day and the night
All the time

{Girl I know its you} Its you girl {u baby hey}
Its you girl {said no matter where I go}
No matter where I go its only you
{Gon be you...youuuu}
You girl {I would take a nigga down for}
You girl {I aint scared to get down for}
No matter what I do its only you
{Not for youuuu}

In the valley {deep in the valley} of my world
{Oohhhh} You'd be my only girl
{You're my only're my only girl..
U know u know who im talkin to now}
In the valley of my world {you girl}
You'd be my only girl {I want you to listen
When the song plays loud...turn it up so u can
Hear it....ohhhhh}

Comes in ova Trey "oh-No"
Im like pookie in new jack
Clinked up with the roof back
On the otha side of the tracks I produce shit
Still a feen no less
For the green I just
Do a thing I guess
Brings out my best
Brings out my worst
Its da gift and the curse
No one said it would be easy
Livin this worth
And its hard not to style the enoge
Fuck ya nodge when them benz door lift up from
The floor
Every night fake willies wanna match ya bar
But im far...outta reach like Abdul-Jabar
Im so into this life u know who I r {im givin
U all of me}
Every corner every hood...ghetto superstars

{Yeah yeah}
{Yeah yeah}
{Yeah yeah}
{Yeah yeah}
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Trey Songz: Only You

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Trey Songz: Only You
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Trey Songz: Only You

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