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Triumvirat: The Deadly Dream Of Freedom

In the night, we lie awake
And see the hazy shades of dawn
There's no rest for those who die
The deadly angel greets the morn

I have a dream that we can change it
You need just a glimpse of hope and I
Will be your leader in the fight against Rome
We're united, so you don't stand alone

In the night, you hear the drums
The last and longest fight begins
Your knife is sharp and in your mind
You know this time we got to win

I can see the face of fate is turning
We can throw the ball and chain away
We can make it happen just as long as you believe
Together we stand up for our peace
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Triumvirat: The Deadly Dream Of Freedom

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Triumvirat: The Deadly Dream Of Freedom
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Triumvirat: The Deadly Dream Of Freedom

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