Tsunami Bomb: Lemonade

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Tsunami Bomb

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Tsunami Bomb: Lemonade

Look at you now
Remember how you gave me shit
and I made lemonade out of it
Pass me the sugar and things still won't be right
Look what you've built
Now are you proud of your deceitful quilt?
Well I won't cover myself in it
The warmth has just been choking me

thanks, thanks for nothing
I've taken all you got and started walking (I'm walking)
Not broken! Still standing!
Been ripped apart but now
I'm demanding
No more shit
this is it
I'm leaving for myself and no one else
So long!
Been swell!
See you in hell!

Now what do you say?
Can't hear you buried in the lies that you've laid
I'm breaking myself away from that chain
Too bad that you don't understand why
I'm walkin' away
and if you're lucky then someday I may
possibly forgive you for all of it
But not today
But not today!


Last time now!

Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Tsunami Bomb: Lemonade

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Tsunami Bomb: Lemonade

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Tsunami Bomb: Lemonade

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