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Ugly Duckling: Goodnight now

QuietSh...Relax[ VERSE 1: Andy C ]I'm headin home for some well-earned restI watch the moon rise in the sun-lit westI've had a very long afternoonBut soon I'll escape inside my roomElectric blankets help me hideFrom the cold wind and the rain outsideA grandfather clock sounds off its chimesI reach to the window and shut the blindsThe room darkens to a shade of grayAnd I feel my brainwaves fade awaySo quiet please, don't talkI'm about to doze offBed so soft I didn't even take my clothes offRemember all those lovely little lullabysThat your mother used to sing to you, so you close your eyes?Well, I hope this helps you fall asleep right nowTurn the light down, then relax, goodnight nowGoodnight now[ CHORUS ]Much to do, a lot to sayIt seems that you've had quite a dayBut now it's late, time for bedSettle down and rest your head[ VERSE 2: Dizzy Dustin ]I drink a little milk from a nice warm glassPut on my PJ's, ready to crashTook a shower so I'm nice and cleanMr. Sandman, please bring me a dreamThe evening's come, the work is doneMy eyes get heavy, my legs are numbLayin in the sheets feeling lighter than airSo long to go but I'm already thereI'm dog-tired but I'll sleep until I'm restlessAnd when I'm awake I can make a late breakfastI see you in the morning, my friendAnd until thenGoodnight nowGoodnight now[ CHORUS ]Goodnight sweetieMommy loves you
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Ugly Duckling: Goodnight now

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Ugly Duckling: Goodnight now
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Ugly Duckling: Goodnight now

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Re: Ugly Duckling - Goodnight now
~Gość 20 sierpnia 2013, 00:02
UFly super glos nuta dzieki i pozdrawiam :****

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