Velvet Chain: Medicine Man

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Velvet Chain

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Velvet Chain: Medicine Man

J. stacy / s. storey

Cabin on a cruise with a window chair - nowhere to go, so you might as well go there - organizing letters, pictures of your long lost friends - staring out the window, looking for the medicine m

Man-o-man what you need is the medicine man... ooooo - gotta find him, if you can...

You got a thing for pain, but you never felt like this before - still got money, feel down and dirty poor - traveling lighter, just taking what you need - sleeping all hours, sleep-walking in be
Man-o-man what you need is the medicine man... ooooo - gotta find him, if you can...

Oooo, medicine man -- you cure my condition - oooo, do what you can -- you talk and I'll listen... to the medicine man...

Oooo, you were all the rave, baby in your day, you were really something...

You really gave it to them - you just walked right through them... oh yeaah....

All the women talked about you, the men loved to see you - then...

Oooo, you were the one to watch, the debutante that made it happen...

Oooooooooo, you can live again...

You need the medicine man... need the medicine man... man-o-man... you gotta get the medicine man.
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Velvet Chain: Medicine Man

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Velvet Chain: Medicine Man

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Velvet Chain: Medicine Man

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