Warcloud: I Catch Fire

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Warcloud: I Catch Fire

Artist: Blue Sky Black Death f/ Holocaust
Album: A Heap of Broken Images
Track: I Catch Fire
Typed By: VoooO_36

(Intro: Holocaust)
Once known as the Holocaust of the Wu-Tang Clan
I Catch Fire, I Catch Fire. I Catch Fire
I Catch Fire, I Catch Fire. I Catch Fire
I Catch Fire, I Catch Fire. I Catch Fire

And the city did sink into the depths of the sea
And the inhabitants there of were drowned
Sparks frightening and there were exceedingly sharp lightning's
Such had never have been known fall to scam in all the land
This is dedicated to fire what came first liar
Spine of titanium, an invisible alien hawk stalks the lush jungles of Asia
Killing soldiers thrilling heat holders
The eldest dragon you be held assassins
Whether cellar masked men
Backwards clever leather embezzler
Interstellar bastard bad pretty dastardly city
The Tasmanian Devil was called a Devil by early European settlers
Who were terrified by its demonic cries lost
Yo, all alone a horse called Firewasp
All alone a horse called Firewasp
At last you 'Crash' like the Colossus of Rhodes
Jump away like toad
Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents
Bionic bomb shelters subatomic incoherent lyrics to a cometh
It took a day to reach the summit
The high cost of living turkey FA-N-G-S giving
I bring lightening I'm King Pisces
Of 'The Ocean' just swimming
It never go the extra inning
Friend I'm the pride of beside Henry Jekyll much obliged to hide Mr. Edward Hyde
The good witches ride, a Frankenstein can't help to rhyme
I spark and laugh in the dark
A boss the Holocaust gone to Concrete Island of Alcatraz, two about to blast
Man listen I'll swallow a gun and go to San Quentin

(Hook: Holocaust)
I catch fire clack-clack kapow
I catch fire clack-clack kapow
I catch fire clack-clack kapow

(Chorus 2X: Holocaust)
A sharks eyes are ten times more sensitive to light
In rap a hired killer, he like Linus in the blanket
Real vampires prefer cows to Hollywood actress'
The ceiling collapse and cave-in, I Catch Fire

The ancient Egyptians bathed in blood
A painting inscription was chosen stolen, so misbehaved by thug
MC so badly crushed that he was losing a cup of blood with every heartbeat
I stalk obsolete
At night I walk and talk on the street
The 'Midnight Rambler' I've been waiting for four long years
'Buried in the Sand' under the shade of a tree
And it's just a matter of time until a large man will use the tree as a sun shade
And that's when I launched my attack, nigga, I can rap
The Assassin Bug lives in Latin America
The best does your home have an uninvited guest
The body will shutdown after losing a floor nice four pints of vital thresh
When the sun goes down in American to South of Nowhere
So don't go there, a murder in Silent Hill for real
I'm the violent tyrant still
A deadly spider crawling in your toys
Boys in New York there are nine rats to every person
Dismal my noise, red heavy curtains
When the moon goes down in America an executioner goes to work
Gloriously destructive, the Eldest Dragon
I'm 'Sinister' as a ghost that lurks, a murder on Shadow Mountain
Police bloodhounds used to track down the killer
The stealth hazard you jarred in, a store held captive by armed men

(Chorus 2X)

Something made of pieces fitted together
The 'Killer Moth', the bird killer off
Kind bounty bastard find the last hazard
County Alaskan like mad men standing
I strike liver than bad friend
A White Spider Assassin
Assemblage crime ending a collection of gathering assembly line, Chinese wine
I'm hollow, I swallow my pocket change to a dime
No discrete street patriotic language, I am Procrustes
A villain of Greek mythology who made a strange victim's anguish
In laid work made from small pieces
We can debate live, we can debate live,
We can debate live about a piece of unrecorded tape
That is used for threading the tape onto a tape drive
Lose when you snooze
A news women who gathers reports, reports her comments on the news
Enemies bleed famous for some bad quality or deed
Like a hired killer a campfire thriller
London, England produced the first police force so niggas lost
Medieval there in the village at night hyenas hurt fifty people
A Black Mamba has been known to kill seven people and in fact
One attack, the scorpion kills one thousand people every year
Snakes are only carnivorous deemed, a fucking Box Jellyfish sting
In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote Dracula
Off a play state the werewolf coyote he escaped
Ignore a sign of vampires legend began in Eastern Europe
Where blood sucking creatures were once thought to be souls of the dead
That rose from the bed
A grave quite and wandered about the night to drink blood from the living
Good hombre I'm eyeful with the rifle like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven
I'm above it to no purpose thinking nothing of it
My quote notes is like playing catch or skipping rope with a ghost
The Holocaust I leave you lost like in hope a large Bermuda Triangle boat
Homes I'm loud so guns on the wing Alcatraz is too proud
I killed forty eight men and one for snoring too loud

(Chorus 6X)
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Warcloud: I Catch Fire

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Warcloud: I Catch Fire

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