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Zack De La Rocha: Critical

Yo checkout the superb tech
Cashin' checks through dialect
Doper than the gold around your neck
This is my manuscript to spit lyrics like fat spliffs
I show the whole damn world my gift
For Paris I'm speakin' upon
Powerful just like a pod
Positioned in the proper placement
Focus like militant deep as concentrational caverns
Devising secret plans on spitting atoms
I verbalize
Lust to bust
Just as dangerous
As watching Mt. Vesuvius erupt
Corrupt a data disk
From the super soul powered slums
I-N-I, Planet Asia make it bump, bump
I'm deep off in the trunk
SWATS call it crunk

The 15 inch whoofers make the beat go thump
I dump clips of pros ? goes
The chillin' is killin' with the illest type flows

"Rap legends presidents felt" -> Nas 'Nas is Like'
"Put us together" -> Mobb Deep 'Survival of the Fittest'
"The outcome is Critical" -> GZA/Genius
"Set it off" -> Jeru The Damaja 'Mental Stamina'

(Zion I)
Yo, vocally blessed to beat you into submission
I paddle units which protrude from the underside of trains
Do not touch I'm high voltage
Like the third electric
Emergency phones needed in every tunnel for the murder method
You're dealing with the armed forces
We wave warm torches
Through the trenches of the onslaughtness
? up next
I'm anticipated post my plan is to stay behind my every line stated
Deluxe, eon flux-uate what I pronunciate
Cold verses be lookin' out but y'all people got months to wait
Life as it is baby, Zion I got me flyin' high
My mind's inside music symbolic to I-N-I
This ain't the Sci-Fi Channel
We true and living legends of this beat freak committee
Clash Of the Titans through the vinyl
When we splash the Atlas with the rules of the game
We out the old school and came to drop a jewel on your brain


(Planet Asia)
My brother hit me on the game
Said that we original man
And we manifested here to spit slang
I thought a minute, and let it sink
Deep like the Titanic
We wider than the ocean of Atlantic
Pacifical mythical styles
In the west it's gettin' wild
I'm chillin' like the Sphinx upon the Nile
Why is you hatin' hip hop we creatin?
Across the desert sands we be bakin'
My melanin
The key to lock rock spots and flocks
Walk the rugged avenue with my B-Boy bop
It's evolution toss a pebble at the devil and smile
I'm rebellion while propelling freestyles

(Zion I)
From the bottom to the top I made a lot of em drop
Hip hop's the lifestyle of urban civilians and even cops
No it don't stop
Once again another classic fantastic rap shit
That'll make y'all MCs wanna practice
How to lock shit down like Daddy ?
I blaze mics for days
Hit the page light stage and burn Sage
Then engage
This ain't a faze or some played out gimmick
That's worth to ? for the fact
that most of y'all cat's is timid, vivid
Views of the do and don't don't apply,
to the uncompromising Planet Asia, Zion I
Worldwide renown
Zones of the chosen few
Verbal rhymes I cipher shots to leave holes in you
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Zack De La Rocha: Critical

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Zack De La Rocha: Critical
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Zack De La Rocha: Critical

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