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Jessie J: Wild (ft. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)

If I go hard, let me tell you that is worth it
Play the right cards, I ain?t afraid to work it
Brushing right off, when they say I dont deserve it
Hands on my heart, you keep my fire burning

Ooh it feels so crazy when you scream my name
Love it when you rock me over every day
When I think about it I can go insane
Here we are as beautiful, im blown away

If this is a dream, won?t open my eyes,
Am I asleep? No, I?m alive
I just can?t believe that this is my life
In my fantasy we?re running wild

If this is a dream, won?t open my eyes,
Am I asleep? No, I?m alive!
I just can?t believe that this is my life
In my fantasy we?re running wild

When it get wet, then the rain starts pouring
I turn up the heat 'cuz the drama ain?t important
Let em all talk talk, I?mma just ignore it
Hands on my heart, you you keep me moving forward

It feel so crazy when they scream my name!

[Big Sean:]
B.I.G. Sean Dun?. OK
Now, I woke up feeling like a mirror
I spend about an hour looking in the mirror
As I should, as much as I?ve been through
Is no wonder, I look this damn good
I?ll probably make it out any situation, that you try to put me into
If I spoil myself around its guaranteed that i?ll probably have a fish dinner
I meet a young girl with a sex shape
Like Jessie J we escapade
Where its extra shape
She make me want to give in not take like collection plates
All these wars, bras, cars, wall to wall - is all a mirage
And I could lose it all tonight
Just to show the world I could do it twice
With my life

If this is a dream, won?t open my eyes,
Am I asleep? No, I?m alive
I just can?t believe that this is my life
In my fantasy we?re running wild


[DDizzee Rascal:]
Rass Collar Double the dollar
I'm a jetsetter, brother more hitched on the white collar
But I can?t be boxed
Flow tighter like Bob Marley locks,
I can?t be dropped
Im at a P, 'cuz I can?t be touched
Im wilding out
Lost ah blood
I can?t be stopped
Pull up in a Narley Warri, buy me what?
Opposite, I can?t believe
If i?ll ever get the party what?
I can?t be blocked
10 years plus running the game
You brothers just come in the game
But now im coming again
To get the people from going fuming insane
100 fives and people going vocals in the mother marine
Women on shoulders, tops off, shouting my name
Im all in dey brain
Why would I complain?
I thought I was the boy in the corner
But now im in a penthouse
N-gga where is the water?
Im living

If this is a dream, won?t open my eyes,
Am I asleep? No, I?m alive
I just can?t believe that this is my life
In my fantasy we?re running wild
Autor tekstu: Jessie J
Ostatnia edycja: Olo_MM

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Jessie J: Wild (ft. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)

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Jessie J: Wild (ft. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)
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Jessie J: Wild (ft. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal)

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Re: Jessie J - Wild
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Będzie hicior, ze ja pierniczę!

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