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Backseat Goodbye: 32 Ways To Make You Smile

One, two, three, four
You told me 32 ways to make you smile
I did 31 within the first hour
You stood amazed in your delighted shoes
Bewildered but willing, didn't know what to do
So I grabbed your cold hand
Pressed it to my beating heart and said
Isn't it neat how our bodies tick
And we can move our feet
Whenever and however we please?
You stared blindly while I waited politely
In the doorway by our school
Some cars passed and I noticed
Someone was singing 'Us' by Regina Spektor
You know how I had a crush on her
I know you don't like gray skies
We know our multiplication tables
You got straight A's while I was writing fairy tales
And looking out window sills asking why
The sun shine liked my eyes and kissed my cheek
When it knew I was in love with the moon
And of course with you
Well, I sped it up 'cause you don't like slow songs
You're more of the literal kind
You're like ocean's waves
You get closer at the end of the day
When you know I can't see your face
When you're sure I'm already lost
Love is oh so lovely
But it also comes with a cost
Yeah, it also comes with a cost
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Backseat Goodbye: 32 Ways To Make You Smile

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Backseat Goodbye: 32 Ways To Make You Smile
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Backseat Goodbye: 32 Ways To Make You Smile

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