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Aesop Rock: Boom Bye Bye

I'm about to be a millionaire
Money on the street, like doves
Hustlin my lyrics like drugs, I find it bug
Muthaf**kas always gotta lock the safe, but they don't do jay
But anyway, it's another day, another dollar to earn, more weed
to burn
I learn, muthaf**kas are jealous
Listenin to what they tell us, but don't matter what fellas
I figure this, niggas want Buck to get nigga-rice
Bigger miss, while I'm kickin this
You miss, I can put you on the list, in the studio to make hits
Cuz all it takes is a whip, for you to flip
Jock what I got, clock what I got
But you don't got what I got, watch the block
Listenin to grill chill, make you feel like you wanna get in my
Sip my dick, do it straw what for, while you war wit war
War only make money for niggas who think, dummy
You got your window wide open like it's sunny outside
Sleep nigga, boom bye bye

[Chorus: Top Dog Big Kahuna]
Boom bye bye to a sound bwoy in
The shot ti fly now that sound bwoy lie dead
Two shots dead to dem chin, enemy or friend
Fake the funk, I put the junk to a muthaf**kin end

Listen to, me and you
Won On Won like Tek-N-Steele, f**k ya whole crew
Forty millimeter shells in the heater well
Look like ya niggas gotta be the first to bail
Just because ya niggas from jail, just came home
To flip, back up in the jail cell, to sit
And roam, now I got a kite from my little nigga Cappone

Tellin me the jail wars on, I know, I was listenin to po-po
Tell 'em niggas it was on a long time ago
Gather up the firearms to bomb, ring the alarm
Cuz shit get slippery and sweaty palms, so I gotta remain calm
Gather up my thoughts so I don't go wrong
Plan to move too smooth, you think you got me
Weak tar in copy, fake villain, who the f**k you killin?
I'm willin, to bet, you think you in it, but your street is
still a vet
Slapped and tried, boom bye bye


Although when I come, I come abstract
Most people get it whenever they play it back
Black or book you read, or a hook you said
BD get stuck up in ya head, say it in the bed
BD, BD, BD, up in ya zone, BD, BD, BD, breakin ya bones
But, no matter what, I never break into ya home
Cuz your house is not a home, if you don't got chrome
Now, you follow me and you don't ask how
Well, as a leader, I'mma make you play the background
Mercenary, but I'm merciless and when I bust, I bust to hit
Will lie in the mist, and you hear it twist, of somebody cap
Steady bustin in the front, and got hit in the back
Thought it couldn't happen, just cuz you was strappin
Bullets hit the wind, and descend to detonate, target chest
Blow up the earthquake, can't wait to demonstrate
The force of the one two roll wit I
Sleep thought you slept, boom bye bye

[Chorus 2X]
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Aesop Rock: Boom Bye Bye

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Aesop Rock: Boom Bye Bye
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Aesop Rock: Boom Bye Bye

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