Akinyele: Really Love Me

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Akinyele: Really Love Me

They said love is love
They said love is love
It go love is love

(Christine McLean) Hook 3x
Do you really love me
Or is you just trying to set up to bug me

Ha I done mess with the baddest hoes
>From the nicest to the maddest hoes
>From the slimmest to the fattest hoes
To the average hoes
Star status hoes
To the street hoes
Who be wearing Tim-bo's
To the house music hoes
Purchasing clothes
>From (?)

(Christine McLean)
Don't matter how you feel about the mother G
Cause those girls aint got shit on me
I got a grown woman's body you can plainly see
With a don't grow on the pubic hairs with me
But there's more to this than just pussy

Well hi how you doing my name is Ak
I came out my mother's twat
With a giant ass cock
I'm the nigga that the bitches have to watch like swatch
When I'm up in their crotch I get stuck like stop
When I'm in their bed box I make them hop like scotch
They call me lego
Make them scream for blocks and blocks
You don't go down low
How that sound Yo
Messing with Ak don't try cause you bound to blow

(Christine McLean)
You must really treat me to the foreskin
But just say oh please hold your motherfucking horeses

Not no prisoner for re type thing
In other words I won't be horsing around like mustang
It's a small thang
How I do my thang
Never mind who I brang
Bust your gat and I'll bust right back
Like boomerang
We could get street like slang
Or I could eat you out till my lips is orange like tang

Hook 3x

Ha It's like a bird's a bird and a duck is a duck
Similar to love is love and a fuck is a fuck
I respect a chick
Who treat my dick
Like lipstick
And don't get up like chubby checkers and get it twisted
I wonder do you swallow
Trying to find out today but you like any tomorrow

(Christine McLean)
But tomorrow's just another day to wait
A real bitch like me needs foreplay
All the way from the gladdest nights to the mother's day
When it comes to sucking dicks yo I don't play A big sperm
Come off the top of your head like toupee

Ha girl there you go
Trying to out do me in my perverted like flow
Don't you know
You're dealing with the pro like (?)
Keep your mouth zipped before you get rocked like (?)
Step in
When I (?) in
Slept in
And sexed in the bed
You should see the way we spread them legs
Cause that's the type of shit that I does
When it come to Ak-nel love is love
It goes

Hook 10x
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Akinyele: Really Love Me

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Akinyele: Really Love Me

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Akinyele: Really Love Me

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